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Irrigatia Microporous Garden Soaker Hose Extension Kit



Keep Your Plants Healthy with Our Porous Pipe Soaker Hose

Introducing the Irrigatia microporous garden soaker hose extension kit, a gardener’s best friend and the perfect solution for those with a green thumb. If you’re seeking a gentler, simpler way to hydrate your small to medium-sized gardens, green houses, garden borders, or allotments, look no further. It provides ideal, gentle, and precise watering, plus it uses much less water than conventional methods.

The Irrigatia Microporous Hose Extension is quick and easy to set up. This system effectively distributes water uniformly through countless microscopic pores, employing sturdy DuPont Tyvek tubes. These tubes are resilient against common issues such as clogging, cracking, and root intrusion, which are often encountered with other drip systems.

Our garden soaker hose is ideal for longer runs in vegetables and flower beds and can be connected to the Irrigatia Sol C12 Solar Watering System or Irrigatia Sol C24 Solar Powered Irrigation System units in up to 25-meter lengths.

Maximum Convenience,More Efficient Than Regular Garden Hose

A garden soaker hose is a low-pressure alternative to a traditional garden hose and you can save up to Save up to 90% on water by using Irrigatia’s microporous extension Kit. You will be watering less than conventional watering methods like your garden hoses and sprinklers, which tend to waste a lot of water due to evaporation and run-off. With the microporous hose, you can keep your garden hydrated without wasting resources or time.

Why Coose an Irrigatia Microporous Garden Soaker Hose?

  • Seepage Hose for Your Garden Ideal for compact to medium-sized gardens or plots
  • Delivers uniform hydration for up to 25m of your vegetables or flower beds.
  • Boosts absorption efficiency by targeting plant roots directly at the soil surface zones.
  • A low-maintenance and time-saving game-changer compared to traditional watering methods
  • Perfect for Sloping areas because water is released directly at the root of plants

The Irrigatia garden soaker hose (porous pipe soaker hose) maximizes the effectiveness of your garden watering while minimizing water waste and effort. Its tiny pores, strategically located along the full length of the hose, allow for a controlled, slow release of water. This ensures that vital water reaches your plants’ roots rather than evaporating on the soil surface.

The Irrigatia Microporous Garden Soaker Hose Extention Kit Comes Fully Equipped With:

  • 25-m Microporous Garden Soaker Hose
  • 2 Adaptors
  • 2 Connectors
  • 2 Lengths of connector pipe
  • 2 O rings
  • 2 Cable ties
  • 6 Stakes

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Garden Soaker Hose Extension Kit FAQ

How does a microporous garden soaker hose work?

The microporous hose has tiny pores distributed along its length. When water flows into the hose, it seeps slowly and evenly out through these pores. This creates an efficient watering system that delivers hydration directly to the roots of the plants. Every drop of water is optimally utilized, fostering healthier, more robust plant growth. This means fewer waterings, less water, and the precise watering of your plants.

What's the difference between a soaker hose and a drip hose?

Soaker hoses and drip hoses are both effective ways to water your garden. The main difference is that with soaker hoses, water seep out of tiny pores along the length of the hose into the ground, while in a drip hose, it drips from holes near each plant or in predetermined locations. Soaker hoses tend to be more efficient

Which is better, the soaker hose or the sprinkler hose?

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages; ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you and your garden. It’s important to note that using a soaker hose, or drip irrigation system, can save up to 50% of water compared to sprinklers. If you’re looking for an efficient way to water your garden, then soaker hoses are the way to go!

What will block a microporous pipe?

There are two major concerns regarding microporous pipe blockages:

  • Hard water: the way to remedy this is to bury the pipe to prevent the sun from drying it out. Alternatively, using a polar purification magnet can help prevent calcium deposits.
  • Dirty water: the remedy to this is to use a setting tank or a water filter

What do I do if I think I`ve blocked my microporous pipe?

This is rare, but if you think this has happened, then soak the pipe in a bucket of water with diluted vinegar. This should unclog the pores and remove any built-up limescale or other elements.


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