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Are you a passionate gardening enthusiast in the unpredictable weather of the UK? If so, you know the struggles of nurturing your beloved indoor plants to full bloom all too well. The constant battle with the elements and the constraints of limited space can be frustrating. And let’s not forget the importance of finding high-quality grow lights for optimal plant growth, which adds another layer of challenge. Don’t worry! Even if you live in a region with unpredictable weather or have limited garden space, you can still pursue your gardening dreams. In fact, these challenges can inspire you to come up with creative and innovative solutions. So, let’s turn those green-fingered dreams into a reality!


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Grow Lights: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Grow lights are amazing artificial light sources that mimic natural sunlight. They generously supply plants with the energy required for photosynthesis, facilitating their growth and development even in the absence of natural sunlight. Investing in a light to grow your plants will ensure a thriving indoor garden through out , regardless of seasons or weather conditions. We have a wide variety of sizes and shapes to choose from and you can easily find the perfect light for your needs.

What Type of Light do Plants Need?

To ensure optimal plant growth, plants must be exposed to a balanced combination of sunlight wavelengths. Certain colours or wavelengths of light hold greater significance for plant development. Typically, leaves reflect and derive minimal energy from yellow and green wavelengths in the visible spectrum. On the other hand, red and blue wavelengths within the light spectrum serve as the primary energy sources for plants.

The best grow lights like our Envirogrow Grow light, Skyline Grower E27 led grow light and PlanT!T Led Grow lights produce a balanced full spectrum light and provide the right amount of PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) that your plants require to thrive. Not only are they energy efficient but they are also super easy to use and operate.

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Does Using a Grow Light for Plants Work?

Yes! Using a grow light is an incredibly effective way of providing indoor plants with the energy they need to grow and flourish. A grow light gives you allot of flexibility over your plant’s cycle and if used correctly ebables you to extend your growing season. By controlling the type and intensity of light, you can regulate the plant’s growth cycle, allowing it to adjust its flowering and fruiting schedule accordingly. Additionally, quality grow lights also provide your plants with a spectrum of colors that enhance their growth

What Are The Benefits of Using Indoor Grow Lights for Plants?

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Grow Plants All Year Round

With the help of a grow light, indoor plants can thrive all year long, regardless of external weather conditions or seasonal shifts. This consistent light source ensures that plants have the necessary light to grow and flourish, even during the winter months when natural sunlight may be limited. As a result, you can enjoy an abundance of fresh herbs, vibrant flowers, and nutritious vegetables throughout the entire year.

Optimal Plant Growth with Controlled Conditions

With the help of grow lights, you have precise control over the light spectrum, intensity, and photoperiod (light duration). This level of control is crucial for maximizing plant growth and development. You’ll witness the transformation of healthier, more productive plants by customizing the lighting conditions to suit the unique requirements of various plant species and growth stages.

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Expand Your Growing Space

Indoor gardening is a fantastic option for people with limited outdoor space or city dwellers without access to open gardens. You don’t have to own a grow tent or a greenhouse to use a grow light! With the help of indoor grow lights, you can effortlessly create thriving indoor gardens in apartments, homes, or even offices. This amazing technique extends your growing space, allowing you to cultivate a wide variety of plants without being dependent on unpredictable outdoor conditions. So why wait?

Specialized Plant Cultivation

Grow lights are perfect for cultivating specialized or exotic plant species that have distinct light requirements. Whether you’re nurturing rare orchids, tropical plants, or unique herbs, you have the flexibility to customize the light spectrum (amount of light and type of light) to precisely meet your plants’ needs. This presents incredible opportunities for diverse and captivating indoor gardening experiences.

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Grow Your Plants Indoors Effortlessly With
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With Our Led Grow Lights and Fluorescent Bulbs, You can Extend your Growing Season With Ease

Do Grow Lights Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Propagation lights may consume more electricity compared to standard light fixtures, but they offer remarkable output and superior results over your normal standard house light bulbs However majority of LED grow lights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting systems, resulting in reduced energy consumption without compromising on brightness. Moreover, our contemporary high-end models feature higher energy efficiency ratings saving money on your electricity bill while still achieving great success when you grow plants indoors.

Which Types of Plants Like Grow Lights?

In the UK, where natural sunlight can be limited, especially during the winter months, incorporating grow lights can greatly benefit many plants. Here are some types of plants that particularly thrive under grow lights in the UK:


Culinary herbs like basil, mint, parsley, and cilantro do exceptionally well under grow lights. They require ample light for robust growth and intense flavours, making them ideal candidates for indoor herb gardens.

Leafy Greens

Vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, kale, and Swiss chard are well-suited for grow lights. They are relatively compact and grow quickly, making them perfect for indoor or container gardening.


Tomatoes are a favourite among UK gardeners. They benefit from the extended growing season provided by grow lights, allowing for a continuous harvest of fresh tomatoes.


Both sweet and hot peppers can thrive under grow lights. They require plenty of light and warmth, which can be challenging to achieve in the UK climate.


With the right lighting conditions, strawberries can be grown indoors in containers or hanging baskets. A Grow light can provide the necessary light for flowering and fruiting.


Microgreens are young, edible greens that are harvested at an early stage. They grow quickly and are well-suited for indoor cultivation under grow lights. Popular choices include arugula, radish, and mustard greens.


Orchids are a popular choice among indoor plant enthusiasts. They often require specific light conditions, and grow lights can help replicate natural light and their natural habitat.

Peace Lillies

Many tropical plants, such as peace lilies, snake plants, and philodendrons, adapt well to indoor environments with grow lights. They thrive in the warmth and consistent light provided by grow lights

Extend Your Growing Season with Our Fluorescent and LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants.

Which Types of Grow Lights Do We Stock?

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Envirogrow Fluorescent Lights for Indoor Plants

Our full spectrum lights by EnviroGro deliver exceptional performance, flexibility, and a high-lumen output for optimal growth in any environment. They are perfect for plant propagation, effectively replicate the natural light of the sun and offer full spectrum light to extend your growing season. Our Envirogrow light systems are extremely powerful and energy-efficient (lower wattage), and they allow you the flexibility to customize configurations based on your grow space needs and design. Coated with pre-galvanized steel and equipped with a 3-meter grounded power cord, our lights provide the perfect balance of light and heat for optimal foliage, root growth and plant development ensuring a flourishing garden.

Skyline Grower E27 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light bulb for Indoor Plants

Our LED bulbs Grow Light are known for their energy efficiency helps you grow salad crops from seed and extend the lifespan of your houseplants. With its warm 4000 kelvin white light and full spectrum output it’s suitable for any room. Our LED (light emitting diode) offers a timer function two timer options: 15 hours ON and 9 hours OFF, or permanently ON. Works great with our Lechuza and Botanium self-watering planters

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RooT!T LED Grow light, indoor garden, growing herbs,

RooT!T LED Grow Light

ROOT!T LED Grow Light – the perfect solution for propagation and nurturing young plants. With its 6500K colour temperature, this light replicates natural daylight, allowing you to extend the day length during the dark winter months. This not only brings your propagation process forward but also gives you a head start for spring gardening. Experience faster and stronger growth for your seedlings and cuttings, resulting in healthier, thriving plants. This versatile grow lamp can be mounted vertically or horizontally, adapting to your available space.

Grow Indoors With Ease

Invest in Our Quality Grow Lights for Indoor Plants and Greenhouses

By investing in our quality lights, you can extend your growing season and ensure that your houseplants are provided with all the necessary energy they need. With a wide range of LED and Fluorescent lights to choose from, at Skyline Grower we are committed to offering the best grow lights in the UK for any indoor setting.

Our easy-to-use and install lights mean that you will be able to enjoy a year-round indoor gardening experience no matter what the season. So why wait? Invest in reliable full-spectrum lights today and provide your plants with the energy they require for robust growth and energised flowering. If you need help finding compatible lighting or have specific questions about the products available, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to offer you expert advice so that you can find something that is perfect for your growing needs!


What Grow Lights Should I Use for Flowering?

Our LED lights provide a full spectrum of light that is highly effective in supporting your plants throughout every stage of flowering. They are an excellent choice for indoor gardening. You don’t need to invest in complicated Blue light systems, HPS or dual wavelength hydroponic lights

What Does PPF Stand For?

PPF stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux density and is the measurement used to determine the light output of a grow lamp. A high PPF rating means that the lamp delivers more usable light for your plants, allowing them to thrive throughout their life cycle. Our lamps are rated up to 2000 PPF, providing your plants with an optimal level of light

How to Choose The Right Grow Lights For Indoor Plants?

Factors you should consider

  • Your Plants Lighting Needs
  • Size of your space
  • Types of grow lights available
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Ease Of use
  • heat output
  • installation and hanging safety certifications
  • Your future growth plans
  • Light spectrum
  • adjustability

Although there are many factors you would need to consider when choosing the right propagation lights for your plants the most important would be that they need to be easy to install and easy to use and we offer a range of plant lights that are user-friendly, easy to maintain and easy to manage. Not only are our propagation lights easy, but they are also very energy efficient and they offer the full spectrum of light that supports plant growth for a wide variety of plants.

How Far Should Grow Lights Be From Plants?

The optimal distance between grow lights and plants may vary based on the specific light fixture and plant type. However, it is generally advised to position the lights between 12 to 24 inches above the canopy for most plants. This distance allows for optimal growth and ensures that your plants receive the right amount of light. So, don’t forget to give your plants the perfect lighting setup they deserve!

Can I Use Skyline Grower`s Full Spectrum Grow Lights For All Stages of Plant Growth?

Absolutely! Full spectrum grow lights are incredibly versatile and can be utilized during all stages of plant growth, right from seedlings to flowering and fruiting. Just remember, it’s always a good idea to tailor the light intensity and duration according to the specific growth stage of your plant. Happy growing! 😊🌱

How Long Should I Run My Grow Lights Each Day?

For growth, the duration of running full spectrum grow lights depends on the type of plant and its growth stage. As a general guide, most plants thrive with 12-16 hours of light per day during the vegetative stage, while flowering and fruiting require an ideal range of 8-12 hours. Providing these lighting conditions will help your plants flourish and yield satisfying results.

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