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From heated propagators to seed trays and rooting gels, we offer everything you need to successfully sow, germinate, and nurture healthy plants.

Propagating is an excellent method for expanding your plant collection. It’s undeniably more enjoyable than buying new plants. We’re confident that you’ll wholeheartedly agree that witnessing your propagated plants thrive is an incredibly rewarding experience. Based on our extensive experience, we can assure you that this approach requires minimal skill and effort. Give it a try and watch your plant family flourish!

Effortlessly establish your greenhouse and provide your plants with the nurturing environment they deserve. 

Are you a passionate gardener and nature enthusiast? If so, we’ve got just the tools you need to nurture your plant collection and contribute to biodiversity conservation. Our wide range of premium plant propagators is specifically tailored to meet the needs of plant lovers like you. Whether you’re a professional botanist or an avid hobbyist, our propagators are designed to address the challenges you face on your plant care journey.

We understand the constraints of limited space, the difficulty of finding high-quality propagators, and the desire to support sustainable living. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a selection of eco-friendly propagators that will effortlessly establish your greenhouse and provide your plants with the nurturing environment they deserve.
Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for the right propagator! We bring you Excellent products preferred by trusted brands like Plant!t and Botanium With hassle-free online shopping, you can explore our store and find budget-friendly options that suit your needs.
At Skylinegrowerr, we are committed to empowering plant enthusiasts with the tools they need to thrive. We want to ensure that your plant care journey is a delightful and rewarding experience. Let’s nurture nature together!

Watch Your Plant Family Flourish!

What Is Propagation?

This fascinating process involves creating new plants that are identical to their parent plant. It’s a remarkable way to propagate and expand your garden with ease! One of the most popular methods is to grow roots by cutting in water. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is! Additionally, you can also propagate plants by using leaves or even by splitting and dividing them. With the right equipment and a little patience, you can start propagating your favourite plants and expand your green oasis.

What are the Benefits

 Increased Rate Of Success

Propagators significantly increase the success rate of plant propagation. They provide a controlled environment that enhances the chances of successful germination and growth. With propagators, you can maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, critical factors for seed germination and plant growth. Moreover, they protect your delicate seedlings from harsh weather conditions and pests, ensuring they have the best possible start.

Space Maximisation

Propagators are innovative tools that enable the growth of a large number of plants even in a confined space. By harnessing their efficient design and advanced techniques, propagators offer a practical solution for individuals with limited outdoor areas, allowing them to cultivate a diverse range of plants and maximise their gardening potential. Whether you have a small balcony, a compact garden, or simply want to make the most of your available space, propagators provide an opportunity to indulge in the joys of gardening without compromising on the number and variety of plants you can nurture.

Year-round Planting

With the help of propagators, gardeners are empowered to propagate plants regardless of the season, allowing for a continuous and abundant supply of fresh blooms, vibrant foliage, and thriving greenery throughout the year. Whether it’s nurturing delicate seedlings during the colder months or giving a boost to cuttings and rootings in the warmer seasons, propagators provide the ideal controlled environment that promotes healthy growth and ensures gardening success all year long.

Setting You Up For Success With Premium Root!t Propagation Kits

All-In-One Solution – Great For Beginners

If you are new to gardening and want to attempt to grow plants from seeds for the first time, this option is ideal for you. The Rootit kits are not only simple to use, but they also include all the necessary materials for successfully growing your own seeds at home. Included would be your Root!t 24-cell premium propagator, 24 rooting sponges, and specially formulated Root!t First Feed and the very popular Root!t Rooting gel. Everything to get you started.

Pro Tip

And if you want to take your harvest to the next level, we highly recommend using our specially formulated Plant!t Tomato Feed or Plant!t Chilli Feed. With these fantastic products, you’ll achieve outstanding results and a bountiful harvest that will make your gardening heart sing! So go ahead, give it a try and watch your plants thrive!

Grow All Year Long With Our Heat Mats and Grow Lights

Low Wattage Grow lights by Skylinegrower and Envirogrow

Envirogrow T5 

A user-friendly, low-energy consumption grow light system that provides the perfect balance of intensity and efficiency. It’s ideal for hobbyists who want to grow their plants indoors or in their greenhouses without breaking the bank on monthly electricity bills.


Skylinegrower`s LED Grow Light

An innovative solution to indoor cultivation that brings together both affordability and convenience. Offering lumen levels up to 180, it ensures maximum performance with minimal energy consumption. Perfect for those who want to get the best results in a cost-effective manner.


Led Growlight By ROOT!T

ROOT!T LED Grow Light is an ideal entry-level solution for those who want to start growing indoors without investing in high-end gear. This self-contained, easy-to-install grow light system provides both ample lighting and great value for money by consuming only 15W of energy per hour. It’s perfect for small spaces that need bright, targeted lighting for their plants.

Heat Mats by ROOT!T

ROOT!T’s heated heat mats are designed to provide consistent temperatures for optimal seed germination and healthy plant growth. Their temperature regulation systems take the guesswork out of gardening, allowing you to focus on taking care of your plants without worrying about temperature changes.

Root!t Thermostat For Heat Mats

ROOT!T Thermostat For Heat Mats is an invaluable addition to your heat mat set-up. This thermostat attaches directly to the heat mats and provides precise temperature control for optimal results.

Is it necessary to provide extra nutrition to plants in propagators?

When it comes to propagating plants, it’s crucial to provide them with the right nutrition for their successful growth. While plants can initially survive on the nutrients stored in their seeds or cuttings, they can greatly benefit from an extra boost during their propagation journey. By ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients, we can help our plants thrive and flourish.
Propagation can be a delicate process, and plants may face various challenges as they root and establish themselves in their new environment. During this time, they require certain nutrients to support their growth and development, just like we need nourishing food to thrive. First Feed By Root!t and Root!t Rooting are both excellent options for providing your plants with the extra nutrition they need during these critical stages.

ROOT!T First Feed

ROOT!T First Feed is an ideal nutrient-rich solution for young seedlings and cuttings. Packed with essential nutrients, it provides the perfect balance of nutrition to support your plants from the start.


ROOT!T Rooting Gel

Root!t Rooting Gel is an effective rooting agent that helps plants form roots quickly and easily. With its unique blend of nutrients, vitamins, hormones, and other beneficial compounds, it encourages healthy root growth in cuttings and seedlings.

ROOT!T Rooting Sponges

Root!t Rooting Sponges are another great addition to your propagation setup. These specially-designed sponges provide a convenient and effective way of nourishing seedlings or cuttings while they root. The sponges absorb water and nutrients, making them easily accessible for plant roots to take up. With these products by your side, you can ensure your plants are getting all the nutrition they need to grow strong and healthy.

Tips For Successful Plant Propagation

Are you looking to get the most out of your propagators? Here are some tips for successful plant propagation:

Make sure to use fresh seeds or cuttings that have not been stored for too long.

Keep the propagator in a warm and well-ventilated area, away from drafts or direct sun.

Water your plants regularly to ensure they don’t dry out or become waterlogged.

Provide supplemental nutrition to ensure your plants get all the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

Don’t forget to prune, pinch off excess growth, and thin out seedlings to promote air circulation.

Harden off your plants before they are planted in the garden by exposing them to outdoor conditions gradually.

Check your plants regularly for signs of pests or disease so you can take action as soon as possible.

At Skyline Grower, we are dedicated to making plant propagation effortless for you. We offer a range of modern propagation products at competitive prices. Our collection includes heat mats, seed trays, and rooting gels that are user-friendly and perfect for gardening enthusiasts and plant propagators like you. We understand that limited space or lack of experience can sometimes hinder the propagation process. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products and expert advice, empowering them to make well-informed decisions before embarking on their propagation journey. We firmly believe that with the right approach and resources, success is within reach for everyone. So why not invest in one of our premium propagation items today? If you have any questions or need guidance for your project, feel free to reach out to us. We offer doorstep delivery for all our products throughout the UK, with free shipping for orders over £20. Enjoy the convenience of having your items delivered right to your doorstep, wherever you may be.

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