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PLANT!T Garden Watering Timer



Water your garden with ease at specified times with its easy-to-use control system

The PLANT!T Garden Watering Timer is perfect for maintaining regular watering of your plants. It is also a fantastic way to make sure that your plants are kept watered during prolonged periods of absence from home to prevent them from dying.

Discover Easy 2-Step Controllers

It only takes two easy steps to program: turn the ‘run time’ dial to the desired irrigation time and turn the ‘frequency’ dial to the time you want between irrigations.

Incredibly Energy Efficient

The PLANT!T Garden Watering Timer is operated with two 1.5-volt AAA alkaline batteries (not included) that can last a full season without needing to be changed. It has an auto-safety valve shut-off when battery power is low and a program delay button for when you need to do plant maintenance work. This water timer is supplied with all required fittings and an excellent inline filter to prevent blockages.

Technical Specifications

Working pressure range: 0-150 PSI (0-10 BAR). Connection: 3/4 male/female tap/hose connection. Frequency control: You can select to irrigate every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72 hours, or 1 week. Run-on time: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

 What Makes Our PlanT!T Garden Watering Timer Stands Out From Conventional Water Timers

Easy Two-Step Controller System

Unlike complicated garden water timers, our PlanT!T Water Timer is equipped with an easy-to-use two-step controller system, allowing you to easily and accurately adjust garden irrigation settings at any time.

Ready To Use Out Of The Box

Bid farewell to cumbersome water timers that demand extensive setup or have a steep learning curve. Our Plant!t timer is effortlessly operational right out of the box, allowing you to effortlessly water your lawn, balcony, or garden. Never before has watering your lawn been such a breeze.

Easily Connects To Most Water Outlets

Our PLANT!T Garden Watering Timer can be used with mains water from a tap outlet or with a gravity feed system from a tank, water butt, or reservoir. Simply select the time you want the water supply to be turned on and off, link up to your irrigation dripper line, and the timer will do the rest.

Save Money On Water Bills

A reliable timer that conserves water, saves energy, and prevents the over-watering of plants By utilizing the PLANT!T Garden Wateriing Timer, you will be able to drastically reduce your water bills. Its accurate and adjustable settings allow for precise control over how much water you use, ensuring that no drop is wasted.

It works great with our Clever Drop Sprinkler, Irrigatia Sol c12 Solar Automatic System and Irrigatia Sol C24 Solar-Powered Irrigation System

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FAQs for the PLANT!T Watering Timer

What is the PLANT!T Water Timer?

The PLANT!T hose timer is an innovative device designed to automate your garden watering schedule. It can be adjusted to deliver the right amount of water to your plants, regardless of weather conditions.

Is the PLANT!T Water Timer weather-resistant?

Yes, the PLANT!T garden watering timer is designed to withstand all weather conditions. It functions efficiently, come rain or shine.

What powers the PLANT!T Water Timer?

The PLANT!T water irrigation timer is powered by two 1.5-volt AAA alkaline batteries (not included). It is energy-efficient and equipped with an automatic shut-off valve to conserve battery power.

How do I set up the PLANT!T Water Timer?

Setting up the PLANT!T garden watering timer is easy. Simply turn the 'Run Time' and 'Frequency' dials to customize your watering schedule, then attach the outlet to your irrigation tube.

Can I personalize my watering schedule with the PLANT!T Watering Timer?

Absolutely! The PLANT!T garden Watering Timer allows you to create a watering schedule that suits your needs. You can choose from various run times and frequencies.

Is the PLANT!T Watering Timer compatible with different water sources?

Yes, the PLANT!T Watering Timer can connect to mains water from a tap outlet or gravity feed systems from tanks, water butts, or reservoirs.

What are the technical specifications of the PLANT!T Water Irrigation Timer?

The PLANT!T garden watering timer has a working pressure range of 0-150 PSI (0-10 BAR), a connection of ¾ male or female tap or hose connector, and various frequency and run-time options.

Where can I purchase the PLANT!T Automatic Water Timer?

You can order your PLANT!T garden watering timer directly from our website.


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