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Garden Sprinkler- Clever Drop Sprinkler



Easy Cost-Effective Water Butt Garden Watering System

The Clever Drop Garden Sprinkler is ideal for lawns and gardens with a watering diameter (spray width) of up to 8 meters. Having a large droplet size and low trajectory minimizes the risk of evaporation losses and wind drift. Water is applied slowly and evenly, preventing puddling and wasteful run-off

Water Butts and Water Tanks Provide Enough Water Pressure To Water Your Lawn

You can run multiple units with one tap, and it operates at a low pressure of 35 kPa. The Clever Drop Sprinkler is ideal for a rain tank or water butt; however, it works brilliantly with the PLANT!T water timer, which will allow you to set which time your water is distributed and for how long directly from your outdoor tap.

 Run Multiple Clever Drop Garden Sprinklers For Greater Water Coverage

The removable end cap allows for an additional hose connector to be added to the base, enabling the operation of multiple sprinklers with just one tap. Four discs of varying sizes are provided (1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm, and 2.0mm) for use in areas of high water pressure to control smaller watering diameters and ensure a consistently even distribution of water. They can be easily inserted under the removable sprinkler top. Diameters may vary with different water pressures.

The  Clever Drop garden sprinkler has an adjustable angle base that can be adjusted for use on uneven surfaces, such as tiered gardens. This sprinkler has a purpose-shaped base for roof cooling on sheds and bird aviaries. For a temporary application, just run the hose over the roof peak, and the sprinkler sits vertically on the corrugated iron.

Its perfect for watering lawns and flower beds.

Why Invest In One Of The Best Garden Sprinklers, The Clever Drop?

Keeps misting and evaporation loss at bay with a steady (even coverage) droplet size

Wind is no problem thanks to a low trajectory angle

Avoids puddles or runoff with a slow application rate

Effortlessly operates under both low and high pressure (5 to 35kPa)

Even water coverage of up to 8 meters (spray width) with an average flow rate of 4 liters per minute

Adjustable and even water distribution: connect more Clever Drop garden sprinklers for coverage over large areas

Internal filter to prevent debris blocking the nozzle

Four pressure-regulating discs provided to alter  flow rate and spray diameter

Durable Made from UV-stabilized plastic

Suitable for use on uneven surfaces and roof cooling applications

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Clever Drop Garden Sprinkler FAQ

Is the Clever Drop Garden Sprinkler easy to install?

Our Clever Drop lawn sprinkler is incredibly simple to set up. Just connect the plastic connector to your water source, and you're ready to go! There is no need for complex piping or wiring. It comes with a user-friendly instruction manual that makes it easy to use.

How will I save water with the Clever Drop Sprinkler?

Unlike conventional lawn sprinklers, our Clever Drop Sprinkler operates at a low pressure of 35kpa, You can easily connect it to your water tank or water butt and use your precious collected rainwater to water your lawn or garden,, saving you money and precious resources.

How does the Clever Drop Sprinkler minimize water waste?

The Clever Drop Lawn Sprinkler is designed to minimize water waste by utilizing a low trajectory angle and generating larger droplets. This innovative design significantly reduces evaporation losses and wind drift. Moreover, its slow and uniform water application effectively prevents puddling and wasteful runoff. By employing the Clever Drop Sprinkler, you can optimize water usage and achieve efficient irrigation without compromising performance.

Is it possible to cover a larger area with multiple Clever Drop Sprinklers?

Certainly! With the Clever Drop sprinkler, you can effortlessly control multiple units with a single tap. The convenient removable end cap feature allows you to connect additional hose connectors, enabling simultaneous operation of multiple sprinklers for extensive water coverage.

How does the Clever Drop Sprinkler handle uneven surfaces in gardens?

Unlike conventional garden sprinklers, the Clever Drop Lawn Sprinkler is equipped with an adjustable-angle base, allowing it to adapt to uneven surfaces like tiered gardens. Moreover, its purpose-shaped base can effectively cool roofs on sheds and bird aviaries, showcasing its versatility in various applications.

What makes the Clever Drop Sprinkler suitable for lawns and flower beds?

The Clever Drop Sprinkler is perfect for efficiently watering lawns, shrubs, and flower beds. With its ability to provide even coverage of up to 8 meters (spray width), a slow application rate, and an adjustable angle base, it ensures optimal performance. By maintaining a steady droplet size, it effectively prevents misting and evaporation loss. Additionally, this sprinkler operates seamlessly under both low- and high-pressure conditions.

How can the Clever Drop Sprinkler be adjusted for different watering needs?

The Clever Drop Sprinkler is equipped with four pressure-regulating discs, ranging from 1.25mm to 2.0mm in size. These discs efficiently control both water flow and spray diameter, enabling precise adjustments based on water pressure and specific watering needs. With this feature, achieving optimal watering results has never been easier.

Does the Clever Drop Sprinkler have any maintenance features to prevent clogging?

Yes, the Clever Drop Sprinkler is equipped with an internal filter to prevent debris from blocking the nozzle. This ensures consistent water distribution and minimizes the need for frequent maintenance.

Is the Clever Drop Garden Sprinkler durable for long-term use?

Indeed, the Clever Drop Sprinkler is crafted from UV-stabilized plastic, guaranteeing exceptional durability and longevity. It boasts remarkable resilience against diverse weather conditions, while its design ensures reliable and consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

Can the Clever Drop Sprinkler be used for temporary applications like roof cooling?

Yes, unlike conventional garden sprinklers, the Clever Drop Lawn Sprinkler is versatile and can be used for temporary applications, such as roof cooling. It can sit vertically on corrugated iron, making it suitable for various short-term watering needs.

Can I use the Clever Drop Garden Sprinkler with a water tank or water butt?

Yes, the Clever Drop Sprinkler is designed to work with water butts and tanks. With a low operating pressure of 35 kPa, it efficiently utilizes collected rainwater, and it can be synchronized with the PLANT!T water timer for controlled watering times.


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