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Soaker Hose Irriagatia Seep Hose Extention Kit



Ideal for Raised Beds, Seed Trays, Allotments and Tree Root Establishment

If you want to extend the water emission over a longer area, then you can use the Irrigatia Seep Hose (soaker hose) extension kit that connects directly to a dripper. This is ideal for raised beds, seed trays, allotments, and even tree root establishment.

You can effortlessly enhance your irrigation system by incorporating an Irrigatia seep hose (soaker hose). Not only does it provide a consistent and dependable solution for watering your garden, but it also minimizes water waste by up to 90%. By delivering water directly to the roots of your plants, it ensures that they receive precisely the amount they require.

The Irrigatia Seep Hose (soaker hose) extension kit comes with the following:

12m Seep Hose (soaker hose)

12 Stoppers

2 Connectors

12 Stakes

To be used in conjunction with the  Irrigatia Solar watering system Sol C12 and the Irrigatia solar-powered irrigation system Sol C24 The seep hose kit (soaker hose kit) can be used in two ways. You can connect up to 1m of seep hose directly onto the dripper or a 2m length with a dripper at either end.

Why Coose an Irrigatia Soaker Hose?

  • Seepage Hose for Your Garden Ideal for compact to medium-sized gardens or plots
  • Delivers uniform hydration for up to 25m of your vegetables or flower beds.
  • Boosts absorption efficiency by targeting plant roots directly at the soil surface zones.
  • A low-maintenance and time-saving game-changer compared to traditional watering methods
  • Perfect for Sloping areas because water is released directly at the root of plants

The Irrigatia soaker hose (porous soaker hose pipe) maximizes the effectiveness of your garden watering while minimizing water waste and effort. Its tiny pores, strategically located along the full length of the hose, allow for a controlled, slow release of water. This ensures that vital water reaches your plants’ roots rather than evaporating on the soil surface.

What are the benefits of a seep hose soaker hose?

Seep hoses (soaker hoses) offer a number of benefits, including:

Easy to install and maintain—no digging required; simply lay it out and get watering!

Consistent hydration: the porous design of seep hoses allows water to be released slowly along their entire length, ensuring that even distant areas receive the hydration they need.

Flexible: because it’s not buried underground, you can easily adjust or move a seep hose as needed without having to dig it up each time.

Cost-efficient: using a soaker hose is an efficient way of conserving water since the slow release ensures less evaporation. It also helps reduce your water bill by providing plants with just the right amount of hydration they need without

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Irrigatia Seep Hose FAQ

What Does a Seep Hose (soaker Hose) Do?

A seep hose (soaker hose) is a flexible watering system that distributes water along the entire length of your garden beds. It slowly and evenly releases water over an extended period, reaching the roots of plants directly in order to give them the hydration they need. This makes it ideal for sloping surfaces and areas where traditional sprinklers won't reach.

Are you supposed to bury a seep hose (soaker hose)?

No. Seep hoses (soaker hoses) are designed to be laid on the soil surface, so you don't need to bury them. This makes it easy and convenient for maintenance. The hose will slowly release water from its tiny pores along its entire length, providing your plants with consistent hydration that helps keep them healthy. Plus, because the hose isn't underground, you can easily adjust or move it around as needed.

Do soaker hoses really save water?

Absolutely! Soaker hoses deliver water directly to the roots of your plants, eliminating evaporation and runoff. This means that you use less overall water, so it's much more efficient than traditional sprinklers. Plus, since the water is released over a longer period of time, it penetrates deeper into the soil (precise watering), reaching the roots of plants directly in order to give them the hydration they need. Even better, using a soaker hose can help reduce your garden maintenance costs by reducing how often you have to water each area. All in all, investing in one is a great way to save money and conserve natural resources.

What is the difference between a soaker hose and a water hose pipe?

Soaker hoses are designed to be used for targeted watering and deliver deep soaking in small but constant amounts for those areas that are hard to reach with traditional sprinklers. The slow release of the water also helps it penetrate deeper into the soil, allowing it to reach the roots of plants more effectively. By contrast, your regular garden hose pipe tend to just run off and evaporate quickly due to their higher pressure and volume output. This means that they’re not as effective when it comes to providing long-term hydration for your plants.

What's the difference between a drip hose and a soaker hose?

A drip hose is designed to be used for more generalized watering applications, such as when you need to water a larger area. It works by delivering small droplets of water along the length of the hose, which then trickle out onto the plants below it.

Soaker hoses, on the other hand, are specifically designed to target areas and deliver deep soaking They are usually made from woven fabric and have tiny holes along their length that allow water to slowly seep outward. This ensures that all areas within the garden get equal amounts of hydration without wasting any excess water. Additionally, soaker hoses can also be used with specialty fittings that provide even greater control over where your water goes.


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