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GoGro Style Self-Watering System – Automatic Watering System Grow Kit



Growing Plants Has Never Been So Easy

Stylish Go Gro Style self-watering system

No plumbing required

Prevents under/over-watering

UV and frostproof

Ideal for growing in small spaces

This system is designed for minimal effort, allowing you to enjoy lush, healthy plants without constant attention.

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Easy to Setup and Install Stylish Enough to Want to Show all of Your Friends

Transform your gardening experience with the innovative GoGro Style Self-Watering System which brings ease, efficiency, and elegance to growing plants. GoGro Style allows you to tailor your system to any area, whether its patios, balconies or any desired location. GoGro Style can be used not only outdoors but also indoors, provided there is adequate lighting and ventilation.

The 28 L Pots are available in three beautiful colours – crisp white, lively lime green, and elegant purple – the GoGro automatic watering system adds a touch of personality and style to your gardening setup. These eye-catching colours not only enhance the beauty of your plants but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your space.

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What types of plants can you plant in the GoGro Style self-watering Grow Kit?

  1. Flowering Plants: The bright colours and scents of flowering plants will improve any area. Try nasturtium, marigolds, geraniums, begonias, or your favourite plants!
  2. Herbs: desired location. GoGro Style can be used not only outdoors but also indoors, provided there is adequate lighting and ventilation.
  3. Leafy Lookers: Colourful lettuce and chicory, chard, romanesco broccoli or ornamental cabbage will look great in GoGro Style. In fact, you can grow any type of leafy vegetables and harvest them for the table.
  4. Vibrant Vegetables: For eye-catching colour and taste, grow capsicum peppers, chillis, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes or aubergines in GoGrow Style. Enjoy a fantastic display and healthy home-grown produce.

Minimal Effort, Easy to Setup and Built To Last

Each Grow kit pot is fully UV resistant and frost proof meaning they can handle the most adverse weather conditions. Note that your plants however may not be frost resistant and that the GoGro Self-Watering system will not function below 0°C. In northern latitudes, it is recommended to bring your planted GoGro pots indoors (where they can be hand-watered if necessary), or empty and drain them over winter.

GoGro Style can also be used year-round in an indoor setting if there is adequate ventilation and suitable lighting is available.

GoGro is easy to install and use. Each system comes with full instructions for positioning, assembly, planting and use. Follow these directions, and then relax and enjoy your plants. No further effort is required except to keep the reservoir topped up.

Positioning considerations

The GoGro Reservoir will need a location, which you may prefer to be discreet, near to your GoGro Style pots and accessible for filling and topping up. The reservoir is approximately Ø40 cm x 65 cm high. It must sit on a stable, level surface and should ideally be raised 15-20 cm above the level of the surface upon which the pots will stand.

The GoGro Style kit includes sufficient tubing to allow the pots to be positioned approximately 1.5 m away from the reservoir (dependent upon spacing and layout). This can be increased if required by adding extra 4mm flexible tubing.

GoGro Style Automatic Watering System. What are the Benefits?

Convenience, Saves Time and Effort

With the GoGro system, you no longer have to manually water your plants every day. The automatic watering feature ensures that your plants always have water available when needed, saving you time and effort. All you have to do is keep the reservoir topped up with water or nutrient solution occasionally, then relax and enjoy your plants.

Consistent Watering

The GoGro grow kit maintains a consistent level of moisture for your plants, preventing under or over-watering which can be harmful to their growth. This results in healthier and more vibrant plants

No Daily Watering - Time-saving:

The automated watering system saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on other tasks while your plants receive the water they need for healthy growth.


The elegant design and vibrant colour options of GoGro Style will complement and enhance a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings. Choose the colour to match or contrast with the surroundings, according to your personal taste. Use a GoGro Style kit to beautify and add interest toyour patio, balcony, terrace, or anywhere you like.

Efficient Water Usage

By delivering water directly to the plant root zone, for uptake by the plant as required. GoGro Style promotes efficient water usage, minimizing waste. The system is designed to provide only the water that the plants demand, no more and no less. This precision in water management not only supports healthier plant growth but also enhances sustainable gardening efforts by conserving water and nutrients.

Year-round Use:

GoGro Style pots can be used outdoors throughout the year if your plants are hardy. If your plants are vulnerable to frost, you can move them indoors or to a heated greenhouse. Alternatively, you could take the opportunity to empty and clean your pots.

The unique GoGro tray and collar protect the valve by preventing algae growth and contamination by debris or insects. However, it is recommended that the tray and valve are inspected and cleaned regularly to keep your system working perfectly.


Installation and operation is exceptionally easy making the GoGro Style grow kit accessible to growers of all levels of experience, from beginners to seasoned gardeners.

Healthy Plant Growth:

Plants stay healthier for longer! The consistent and regulated watering provided by GoGro Style promotes optimal plant health and growth, leading to lush and thriving greenery. As the plant consumes water, the GoGro Valve intelligently responds by replenishing the water in the tray, ensuring that the water level is always at its optimum for healthy plant development.

Enhanced Spaces:

The GoGro Style is ideal for beautifying and enhancing areas such as balconies or patios, and allows urban dwellers to enjoy growing plants without a garden.

Long-term Durability with Minimal Upkeep

Constructed with high-quality materials, GoGro Style is durable and built to last, providing reliable performance and enjoyment for years to come.

GoGrow Kit How does it work?

The GoGro system utilizes a gravity-fed system and maintains optimum water capacity in its reservoir. You must keep it replenished with water or nutrient mix at all times

Water leaves the reservoir via a filter and flows to each of the GoGrow trays in the system, where lower and inner floats control the water level and enter the tray via the patented GoGro valve. As the water level rises and the maximum level of water in the tray (main body chamber) is reached, the lower float rises, causing the system to stop the flow of water by closing the valve

The water flows from the tray into the base of the pot to soak the clay pebbles and enters the rootzone by capillary action so that the roots can take up water and nutrients as the plant requires.

The plant takes up water, and so the level in the tray begins to fall as the water level drops. A secondary float within the GoGro valve monitors the falling water level.

When the level of water in the uniquely designed tray falls to a minimum, the secondary float releases the main float, and the valve opens again allowing water to re-enter

The GoGro valve and tray are protected - the light-proof collar prevents algae build-up by blocking sunlight reaching inside keeping it free from contaminants and insects This efficient system ensures consistent hydration for your plants with minimal effort - no need for electricity or even growing expertise.

Technical Specifications

Box contains: 3 x 28.5 L pots (relevant colour), 45 L reservoir with lid, 3 x GoGro tray, 3 x GoGro tray collar (relevant colour), 3 x tray lids (relevant colour), 3 x GoGro valve and lid, 3 metres of 4mm tubing, 3 L clay pebbles, 3 x root control discs, 12 x GoGro valve pillar supports, 3 x 4mm inlet grommets, 2 x 4mm barbed tee, 1 x 4mm inline valve, 1 x 4mm reservoir filter and membrane.


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Green, White, Purple, Trio


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