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Jiffy PRO7 COCO 70/30, Coco Perlite mix – 50L Coco Mix Soil


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Promote healthy plant growth with this ideal, high-performance, light, aerated potting mix of coco coir and perlite.

Unleash the potential of every seedling and crop with the PRO7 COCO 70/30  Coco Perlite mix by Jiffy, a blend of 70% organic coco coir and 30% perlite. designed for garden enthusiasts who seek nothing but the best for their plants, this blend promotes healthy plant growth and soil health while emphasizing sustainability. Coconut Coir, also known as coco coir offers several benefits over traditional soil mixes by being environmentally conscious with its renewable peat-free qualities and also by providing optimal conditions for vigorous root development.

So, what is coco coir, exactly?

Coco coir is the fibrous coating that surrounds the hard shell of coconuts, contained within the protective outer husk. It is a useful by-product, and the tough fibres within it have traditionally been used to make ropes and matting. It has a mixed texture of long fibres and particles of pith, which for growing purposes is great – the fibres give an airy, free-draining structure, while the pith is more water-retentive. And the open structure is perfect for root development.

Coco Coir is often referred to as “coco peat” because the pith looks and feels like peat. But don’t be mistaken – coco coir is in fact very different from peat. Peat (sometimes known as Moss Peat) is the partially decayed remains of plants, accumulated over many years, extracted from wetlands and marshy areas. Peat has been naturally composted, contains many plant nutrients, and unless treated, is rather acidic.

Coco coir is pH neutral (neither acidic nor alkaline) and contains almost no plant nutrients at all. But that is a great advantage – it allows the grower to add precisely the nutrients that the plants require, with no danger of imbalance.

And what is perlite?

Perlite is a very lightweight, spongy, granular mineral material made by heating naturally occurring hydrated obsidian (volcanic glass). Like coco coir, it has a neutral pH, and contains no nutrients. When added to coco coir, it helps to open up the structure, prevent compaction, and further improve aeration and drainage. Perlite’s spongy, porous structure easily takes up moisture during watering, but just as easily releases it to the roots. It gives the mix a light, open ‘feel’, and makes waterlogging highly unlikely.


PRO7 coco coir is sourced from world-leading ISO 22000 certified coconut plantations. Prepared to stringent RHP standards, it is meticulously washed and buffered to ensure that it is free from potassium, sodium, and chlorides, and is uncontaminated by weed seeds, pests or pathogens.

When blended with perlite, the mix offers an unparalleled substrate for seedlings, cuttings and young plants, giving them a great start and the very best conditions in which to develop strong healthy roots.

PRO7 COCO 70/30 Coco mix soil offers optimal water retention, drainage and aeration. Its low EC and neutral pH allow the grower to provide preferred nutrients as required by the plants.

Peat-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly, it is a great choice for gardeners who prioritise both plant heath and the environment.



Jiffy Coco Perlite Mix Details

  • Media: 70% Mixed fibre coco coir, 30% perlite, uncompressed.
  • Certified to RHP standards
  • Washed and buffered
  • pH: 5.8 (1:1.5)
  • EC: 0.1 mS/cm (1:1.5)
  • Bag volume: 50 L (loose fill)
  • Bag weight: 14.5 kg approx


Why Choose. Jiffy PRO7 COCO 70/30, Coco Perlite mix?


Superior Blend for Superior Results: With a perfect balance of 70% coco coir and 30% perlite, the 50L mix is tailored to promote stronger, healthier plants. Its unique light, open structure ensures optimal water retention, drainage and aeration, crucial for vigorous root development.

Peat-Free & Eco-Friendly: Embark on an environmentally responsible gardening path with this peat-free, sustainable potting mix. It will not only ensure the healthiest plants but will also not damage the environment. Coco coir is 100% organic, and a renewable, sustainable resource, which will biodegrade after use. Perlite is made from a plentiful, naturally occurring mineral, is totally inert, and if added to compost or garden soil after use will only improve the structure.

Washed & Buffered – Ready for Immediate Use: Suitable for almost any plant or growing style: Washed and buffered for a very low EC and a neutral pH, PRO7 COCO perlie mix allows the grower to add nutrients best suited to the plants grown. Thus it can be used with a wide range of plant types in both hydroponic and traditional gardening.

Versatility at Its Best: Ideally suited to short-cycle, fast-growing plants, PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix can be used for a wide range of productive or ornamental plants, both indoors and outdoors. Originally designed for hydroponic (soil-less) growing, it can also be used in traditional gardening, so long as nutrients are provided. The light open structure is excellent for propagation and root development in young plants. Hand watering, drippers, or hydroponic recycling systems all work well with this media, thanks to its good water retention and drainage.

Low Maintenance, High Reward: PRO7 COCO Perlite mix   is perfect for use with drippers or automatic watering systems. Its free-draining but water-retentive structure ensures that it is never too wet or too dry, and that water and nutrients are always available to the roots. Coco coir contains naturally occurring Trichoderma fungi which will colonise plant roots, aiding uptake of water and nutrients and resisting pathogens. This should result in healthier growth and higher yields

Expertly Fortified for All Stages: PRO7 COCO 70/30 can be used for propagation from seeds or cuttings. Also, it’s an ideal substrate for potting on young plants rooted in Jiffy-7 or ROOT!T propagation plugs. We recommend using ROOT!T First Feed as a nutrient for propagation, and  PLANT!T Coco Chilli and Pepper Feed or SUPERthrive Foliage Pro during vegetative growth. In the flowering and fruiting stage, you can use SUPERthrive BLOOM, or include PLANT!T Fruit Booster as an additive. Always follow the directions on the bottle carefully, and adjust pH levels as required.


Optimised for Your Convenience

Jiffy PRO7 COCO 70/30 Coco Perlite mix isn't just about superior plant growth—it's also about making gardening more enjoyable and less time-consuming for you. The addition of perlite not only enhances water management, reducing the risks of over-watering,  but it also reduces the frequency of hand watering sessions required. freeing up your time for other gardening activities. Better yet, PRO7 COCO mix soil is an ideal substrate for use with automatic watering systems. If you opt for a recycling irrigation system, remember to add a filter to avoid inconvenient blockages.


How To Use

Give Your Plants the Best Start

If you want to give your plants the best start possible, we recommend .propagation from seed or cuttings using ROOT!T Dry Peat Free Cell Filled Trays, ROOT!T Dry Peat Free 24 / 60 Cell Propagator Kits or Jiffy-7 propagation plugs. Feed your young plants with firs feed which provides your plants with everything they need for fast and healthy root development

Fluff Up Your Coco Coir Jiffy Soil Mix

Your J Jiffy PRO7 COCO 70/30 Coco Perlite mix...may appear dense and compact, a common occurrence due to storage and transportation on pallets. You need to fluff up the mix and break up any compressed lumps. Just tap your bag on the side like you would fluff up a pillow. Pour into your pots and run your fingers through the substrate, checking for any lumps that may still be in it and break them up.  Settle the mix by tapping edges and base of the pot and plant up. Ensure your potting mix is completely soaked before planting on to make sure your plants have enough to feed on.

Wearing and Feeding

For plants to thrive in Jiffy PRO7 COCO mix soil, they need a regular supply of water and nutrients. Hand watering is fine, but this substrate is perfect for use with automatic watering systems. If using a recycling system, always fit a filter to prevent blockages.

Remember that the mix is inert and contains no nutrients or fertiliser. Always irrigate plants with a nutrient solution.

We recommend using ROOT!T First Feed as a nutrient for propagation, and PLANT!T Coco Tomato Feed, PLANT!T Coco Chilli and Pepper Feed or SUPERthrive Foliage Pro during vegetative growth. In the flowering and fruiting stage you can use SUPERthrive BLOOM, or include PLANT!T Fruit Booster as an additive. Always follow the directions on the bottle carefully, and adjust pH levels as required.


Plant Health and Robustness

Over and above imparting immediate growth benefits to your plants, the PRO7 COCO 70/30 mix is designed to foster lifelong health and resilience. It’s airy, well-drained yet water-retentive structure offers protection against the stress of elevated temperatures and drought. The naturally-occurring Trichoderma which colonizes the rootzone also aid water and nutrient uptake and defend against pathogens.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plants are growing in a medium that not only supports their immediate needs but also contributes to their long-term vitality and robustness. With Jiffy's Jiffy PRO7 COCO 70/30 Coco Perlite mix... experience the joy of gardening with a product that places your plants’ well-being and your gardening success at the forefront.

Jiffy PRO7 COCO 70/30 Coco Perlite mix - FAQ

What is PRO7 COCO 70/30, and what is it meant to be used for?

PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix is a blend of 70% Coco coir and 30% Perlite. It is intended for use as a light potting mix and has the advantages of being well-aerated and well-drained while also being water-retentive. It is excellent for rapid, vigorous root development, and so is ideal for propagation, and for growing short-cycle, fast-growing plants.

What are the differences between PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix and a traditional peat-based or soil-based potting mix, and what advantages does it have?

PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix contains only coco coir and perlite. It has a neutral pH and a low EC and contains no nutrients. It has an open airy structure, is both well-drained and water-retentive, and will not become compacted.

Peat-based and soil-based potting mixes contain nutrients and are sometimes pre-fertilized. They are water-retentive but can become waterlogged or compacted.

Plants grown in peat-based or soil-based potting mixes don’t necessarily need feeding, although they may become deficient in particular nutrients or minerals. Plants grown in PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix  must be fed, but it is easy for the grower to ensure that the plants have exactly the nutrition required

Can I sow seed or root cuttings in PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix  Or can I only pot on rooted young plants into it?

You can do all of those things. The light airy structure of PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix is ideal for propagation from seed or cuttings, for potting on young plants already rooted, or even to re-pot established plants.

Bear in mind that the mix is inert and that you should always water it with a nutrient solution.


Is PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix only suitable for certain plants and growing methods?

PRO7 COCO Perlite Mix  70/30 is very versatile. It’s ideal for short-cycle, fast-growing plants, but in fact, it can be used for most plant species, and in most growing methods.

It can be used for pot-grown plants both indoors and outdoors. Provided that you feed the plants, it can be used as a traditional potting substrate or in hydroponic growing