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PLANT!T 15L Coco Coir Potting Soil



Best Peat-Free Coconut Coir Growing Media for Plant Pots

PLANT!T Coco coir potting soil (Coconut coir or coco peat) is a peat-free growth substrate derived from the refined dust and fibres of coconut husks. With exceptional aeration, air porosity, and drainage capabilities, this mix ensures optimal plant health. Its neutral pH levels make it an ideal choice for blending with organic fertilisers and substrates of your choice to create a customised potting blend.

Crafted to be free of soil-borne pathogens and unwanted weeds, our Coir Potting Mix offers the perfect protection for your plants. Say goodbye to traditional peat gardening options and embrace this versatile growing medium, suitable for a wide range of plant species and crops. And if you’re tired of the hassle of heavy soil bags, our PLANT!T coconut coir is conveniently packaged in a mess-free fold-out bag for easy mixing and transportation. Revolutionise your indoor and outdoor gardening experience with our organic Coir Potting Mix!

The Benefits of PLANT!T Coco Peat Potting Soil

Aeration and Drainage

PLANT!T Coco Coir has a honeycomb structure that sets it apart from dense, compacted soil. This unique structure facilitates exceptional oxygenation, enabling roots to breathe, spread out, and efficiently absorb nutrients. With PlanT!T Coconut Coir, you can wave goodbye to stunted growth and say hello to healthy root development and thriving plants!

Hydration and Water Retention

The unique honeycomb structure of PLANT!T`s coir fibre pores keeps plants evenly hydrated by holding and releasing moisture. This is especially helpful during extended periods of hot weather or drought, as it prevents plants from becoming dehydrated. It also assists in avoiding over-watering, as any extra water can be swiftly absorbed and stored within the soil’s composition.


Compared to traditional soil, PLANT!T`s Coco peat is much lighter in weight, making it much easier to handle and repot plants. It is particularly beneficial for balconies and rooftop gardens where the weight of the soil is a major factor to consider.

Clean & Green

Coco coir is a renewable resource and is a sustainable alternative to peat moss It is made from coconut husks. It’s an eco-friendly option that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or soil-borne diseases. It provides a safe and secure environment for your plants, while also being beneficial for the environment.

Pest-Repelling Powerhouse

Coco coir is a soil alternative that has a lighter texture than traditional soil. This unique texture makes it less appealing to pests like fungus, gnats, and other unwanted creatures. By using coco peat, you can avoid the headache of pest infestations and enjoy a healthy plant environment.

Nutrient Booster

Coconut coir can quickly absorb and hold nutrients, which helps plants receive the complete advantages of fertilizers and supplements. This leads to accelerated growth, larger blossoms, and more robust yields.

Very Easy to Use

All you need to do is moisten the compressed brick, prepare your container, sow your plants, and irrigate sensibly. Coco coir will indicate when it requires watering by appearing somewhat dry to the touch.

Versatility for All

Coco coir is a versatile growing medium that can benefit many types of plants, ranging from fragile orchids to resilient succulents. You can use it by itself or blend it with soil or potting mixes to enhance drainage and air circulation.


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Using PLANT!T Coco Coir is easy.

Follow these steps:

1. Hydrate: Soak the compressed coir brick in water for a few minutes. You'll see it expand and turn into a fluffy potting mix.

2. Fill & Plant: Fill your pot with the hydrated coir and gently plant your chosen greenery.

3. Water Wisely: Water your plants regularly and aim for consistent moisture without overwatering. You'll know it's time to water again when the PLANT!T Coco coir feels slightly dry to the touch.

4. Feed & Flourish: Fertilize your plants as usual, depending on their individual needs. PANT!T Coconut coir readily absorbs nutrients and promotes optimal plant growth.

Why Should You Choose PLANT!T Coco Coir?

When you opt for PLANT!T Coco Coir, you're not just purchasing a potting mix - you're investing in a thriving ecosystem. You'll bid farewell to frustrating guesswork and welcome effortless plant satisfaction. PLANT!T Coconut Coir is the perfect choice for:

- Indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts: It caters to a wide range of plants, from delicate orchids to sturdy succulents.

- Organic gardening advocates: This eco-friendly alternative to traditional soil is an excellent way to embrace sustainability.

- Busy plant parents: Say goodbye to high-maintenance soil! PLANT!T Coconut Coir makes caring for your greenery simpler and more rewarding.

- Newbie gardeners: Don't let inexperience hold you back! PLANT!T Coco Coir's user-friendly nature makes it perfect for green thumbs in the making.

So, why be frustrated when you can embrace the joy of effortless plant happiness? Choose PLANT!T Coco Coir and watch your green family flourish like never before! Remember, a healthy garden starts with the right foundation. Make PlanT!T Coconut Coir the cornerstone of your plant paradise and witness the magic unfold!

PLANT!T Potting Soil Coco Coir FAQ`s

What is PLANT!T Coconut Coir Potting Soil?

PLANT!T Coco Coir is a high-quality, organic growing medium crafted from coconut husks. It provides an excellent substrate for plants by promoting optimal aeration and water retention. Our potting soil is harvested using only sustainable practices in the coconut industry and carefully processed to ensure a consistent and nutrient-rich environment for plant growth.

How is PLANT!T Coco Coir Potting Soil Different from Regular Soil?

PLANT!T Coco peat differs from regular soil in its composition and properties. Unlike traditional soil, it is made from coconut coir, offering superior aeration, moisture retention, and a pH-neutral environment for plants.

Is PLANT!T Coconut Coir Potting Soil Suitable for All Plants?

Yes, PLANT!T Coco Coir is versatile and suitable for a wide range of plants, including flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Its well-balanced composition provides essential nutrients for different plant varieties.

Can you plant directly in coconut coir?

Yes, you can plant directly in coconut coir. Follow the steps of hydrating the compressed brick, filling your pot, planting your chosen greenery, and watering sensibly.

Does coco coir need to be soaked?

Yes, to use PLANT!T Coco Coir, soak the compressed coir brick in water for a few minutes until it expands into a fluffy potting mix.

Is coco coir the same as coir fibre?

No, coco coir and coir fibre are different. Coco coir refers to the dust and fibres of coconut husks, while coor fibre specifically denotes the fibrous material extracted from the husks.

What is a coco peat?

Coco peat is another term for coconut coir, a peat-free growth substrate made from refined dust and fibres of coconut husks, widely used as a potting medium for plants.




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