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Superthrive For Plants Vitamin Liquid Concentrate


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Vitamin Solution for Healthy Plant Growth

Unlock the secret to lush, robust, and thriving plants with Superthrive for plants – the original vitamin supplement embraced by gardeners, farmers, foresters and plant enthusiasts across the globe. Since its inception in 1940, Superthrive has stood out as a beacon of plant health, renowned for its incredible ability to invigorate and revive plants in all gardening settings.

What is Superthrive for Plants and How Does It Work?

Superthrive for plants is a concentrated and versatile plant growth stimulant and is used as a supplement to promote plant growth, improve plant health, boost nutrient absorption, increase stress resistance and enhance flowering and fruit production. It`s a liquid concentrate that’s easy to use and contains a blend of vitamins that stimulate root development.

The Ultimate Solution For Stressed Plants - Effortlessly Cultivate Super Healthy Plants

Superthrive for plants can be used in various ways but for us it stands out as a fantastic stress reliever for plants, improving success when transplanting your favorite plants or seedlings. It revives sick plants and helps plants recover from hail, frost, or heat stress. A proven product - Superthrive can be used during vegetative growth and bloom alongside your usual feeding regime and nutrients. It's suitable for all types of plants, grow systems and substrates and complements our user-friendly range of Potting soil and Potting mix substrates

Clay Pebbles

Coco Coir

PLANT!T Vermiculite

PLANT!T Perlite For Planting

Superthrive for plants a must-have for the Urban Gardener

In city gardening, where resources and space are limited, it's crucial to maximise the chances of success for yourself and your plants. Superthrive significantly boosts the success of all your gardening efforts. By incorporating this into your gardening routine, you enhance your ability to utilise the scarce resources effectively on your gardening journey.

When you use Superthrive on your indoor plants you will have more and newer flowers and leaf buds. On outdoor plants and barde rooted plants, you will see a lot more new roots and thicker greener foliage.

What Are The Benefits Of Superthrive for Plants 

  • Enhanced Growth: Superthrive’s unique blend of vitamins kick-starts root development for vigorous growth.
  • Stress Resistance: Whether it's transplanting or coping with environmental changes, Superthrive arms your plants against stress.
  • Boosted Flowering & Fruiting: Expect a visual feast of blooms and a bountiful harvest as Superthrive fuels your plants’ flowering and fruiting capabilities.
  • Optimal Nutrient Absorption: With improved nutrient uptake, your plants become the picture of health and vitality.
  • Overall Plant Health: Regular application ensures your plants remain strong and flourishing, less prone to pests and diseases.

How To Use Superthrive Tonic For Plants?

  • General Health: Use 1ml per 3-4 litres of water weekly on soil or coco-grown plants.
  • Hydroponics: Apply 0.3-1.3ml per 3-4 litres as part of routine feedings.
  • Seed Germination: Pre-soak seeds in a 1ml per 3-4 litres solution for better germination rates.
  • Transplanting & Stressed Plants Use a higher dose of 13ml per 10 litres for rapid recovery post-transplant or during stress periods.
  • Foliar Spray: Apply 15ml per 10 litres of water for direct absorption via leaves during vegetative and early flowering stage

See Our Complete Dosage Guide Available For Download Here!

How do Gardeners and plant Enthusiasts use Superthrive for Plants

Superthrive is used by growers around the world for :

  • General maintenance of plants and garden
  • Transplanting and Repotting
  • Trees and Woody Shrubs
  • Bonsai
  • Christmas Trees
  • Cut Flowers
  • Edibles
  • Flowers
  • Greenhouses
  • Houseplants
  • Hydroponics
  • Large Scale planting
  • Orchards
  • Orchids
  • Outdoor Plants
  • Roses
  • Seedlings
  • Seed and Bulbs
  • Sports Turf and Lawns

Natural Building Blocks For Super Healthy Plants

Superthrive is not just another addition to your gardening routine; it’s the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. With its international reputation, you can trust Superthrive to deliver benefits that reach far beyond your garden—nourishing your plants and nurturing your passion for gardening.


Can Superthrive burn my plants?

No not at all! It DOES contain ingredients that May hurt your plants if overused so stick to advised dosage rates

Can Superthrive be used in Hydroponics?

Superthrive works with all hydroponic systems and mediums and is the perfect addition to your nutrient regimen be it natural, synthetic, or aquaponic. For any plant type through all growth stages.

Is Superthrive safe for vegetables?

Superthrive is an all-purpose plant vitamin supplement and it is beneficial for all plant types including vegetables. Use at every stage of your plant life cycle - develop larger flowers and get earlier vegetable crops

Is Superthrive worth it?

The magic of Superthrive lies in the many ways you can use it. Use it to germinate seeds transplant plants or seedlings to reviving sick plants as growth supplement - all of it on all plant types and grow systems - and lets not forget earlier vegetable and flour crops. Then yes its absolutely worth it.