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ROOT!T Coco Fibre Dry Plug Seedling Trays



Are you an urban gardener navigating the challenges of small-space gardening? Or perhaps a green enthusiast striving for sustainability without compromising on the joy of nurturing your greens? The ROOT!T Peat Free Dry Seedling Trays (24 or 60 dry cell filled trays) are designed with you in mind, revolutionizing the way you propagate seeds and cuttings Our planting trays, made from eco-friendly coco fibre, are crafted to facilitate effortless and successful propagation of cuttings and germination of seeds. Our dry-filled trays have been thoughtfully designed so you can effortlessly nurture your plants to thrive and flourish.

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Dry Cell Filled Seedling Trays for Seed Germination and Cuttings

Why Choose Our RooT!T Coco Fibre Planting Trays

Dry Cell-Filled Seed Propagation Trays For Successful Propagation

    • Made from sustainable coco fibre, our planting cells are designed for guilt-free gardening.
    • Perfect for eco-conscious growers looking to germinate seeds and root clones or cuttings effortlessly
    • Designed for convenience and versatility which means you can manage a wide range of gardening projects with confidence.
    • Healthy Root Air-Pruning ensures you can foster vigorous plant growth right from the start.
    • Ready to go and easy to use pre-scored with a dual-depth dibble for easy seedling and cutting placement.
    • Hydrate with ROOT!T First Feed or similar young plant feed for hassle-free growth initiation.
    • Individual cells allow each seedling or cutting to grow independently, reducing the risk of root entanglement and making transplanting easier and more efficient.

Advantages of ROOT!T Our Seedling Trays

Our 60-cell tray is not just a container; it's a growth-enhancing habitat designed for the delicate early stages of your plant's life.

Perfect Fit for Standard Propagators Kit:

    • Measuring 52 x 30 x 4 cm, it seamlessly fits into any standard propagator for versatile gardening projects.
    • A reliable choice for a variety of gardening endeavours due to its perfect dimensions.

Reusable and Responsible:

    • Crafted from durable polystyrene, these seed cell trays are reusable season after season.
    • Embrace sustainability without compromising on performance or quality.

Dry Coco Fiber Cell Filled Seedling Trays For Optimal Germination and Efficient Propagation

Balanced Hydration

The natural coco fibre growing medium of our ROOT!T 60 and 24 cell-filled seedling trays retains moisture effectively, providing balanced hydration without the risk of waterlogging. It's a game changer for all gardeners focused on germinating seeds and nurturing cuttings

Love the Environment, Love Your Plants

Designed for environmental enthusiasts, these plugs are not just mini compost; they are fully biodegradable. The innovative octagonal cells promote air-pruning, encouraging outward root growth for faster germination and healthier plants.

Easy to Use

The careful balance of independent cells reduces the risk of root entanglement, making transplanting more efficient. Lightweight and easy to store, these plugs are ready to use when the gardening bug bites.

Perfect for Beginners and Experts

Whether you're a hobbyist or an expert, starting from seeds or nurturing cuttings, ROOT!T's seedling starter cell trays make gardening a joy. Its compatibility with standard propagators ensures effortless integration into your gardening routine.


Our ROOT!T coco fiber seedling trays are biodegradable which means and enriches your soil naturally. Practical, sustainable, and durable, our 60 and 24 dry peat-free cell-filled trays are a favourite among eco-conscious gardeners, combining joy with ease.

ROOT!T 60 and 24 Dry Cell Filled seedling Trays bring practicality and sustainability together, creating an essential tool for every gardener's kit. Whether nurturing a select range of seeds or engaging in extensive propagation efforts, this tray is your reliable companion for a flourishing garden.

Each cell features an innovative octagonal design that promotes healthy root air-pruning. This means your plants will enjoy vigorous growth right from the start, thanks to a system that encourages roots to expand outward rather than spiralling.

Additional information

Dimensions 52 × 30 × 4 cm

24 Cell Filled Tray, 60 Cell Filled Tray