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Premium Propagation Cubes 

These premium propagation cubes aid root development, ensure rapid root growth and are the perfect solution for successful and sustainable gardening endeavours. The coco rooting cubes are crafted from renewable coconut coir, ensuring optimal moisture retention, natural aeration, and a pH-neutral environment for your plants to thrive.

With Jiffy’s commitment to quality and consistency, each cube is meticulously manufactured to deliver uniformity and reliability, making it the go-to choice for gardeners seeking exceptional results. Whether you’re starting seeds, propagating cuttings, or maintaining hydroponic systems, Jiffy PRO7 Coco Cubes provide the versatility and convenience you need.

Invest in Jiffy PRO7 Coco Cubes for reduced transplant shock, long-term soil enrichment, and the peace of mind that comes with choosing a trusted brand in gardening innovation. Jiffy PRO7 Coco Cubes are supplied compressed and dehydrated for convenience in transport and storage. To use, simply rehydrate them as directed below.

Transform your gardening experience with JIFFY PRO7 Coco Cubes today!


What are the Benefits of Jiffy Propagation Cubes 

Excellent Water Retention
Coco cubes have excellent water retention properties, ensuring that plants receive consistent moisture levels, which is essential for healthy growth and development. Compared to alternative media, JIFFY PRO7 Coco Cubes consistently demonstrate superior water retention, supporting optimal hydration for your plants.

Natural Aeration
The structure of coconut coir promotes natural aeration within the root zone, resisting compaction and allowing oxygen to reach the roots. This encourages robust root growth and overall plant health.

pH Neutral
Coconut coir typically has a neutral pH, which means it won’t excessively acidify or alkalize the soil. This pH balance provides an optimal environment for a wide range of plants to thrive and develop healthily.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
Coconut coir is a renewable resource derived from the husks of coconuts. Using coco cubes helps reduce the reliance on non-renewable resources such as peat, making it an eco-friendly choice for gardening. Jiffy PRO7 Coco Cubes are supplied compressed and dehydrated for convenience in transport and storage. To use, simply rehydrate them as directed below.

Over time, coco cubes naturally decompose, adding organic matter to the soil and improving its structure and fertility. This contributes to long-term soil health and sustainability. As a propagation medium, they offer an eco-friendly solution that supports the cycle of growth and renewal.

Uniformity and Consistency
These propagation cubes are manufactured to consistent standards, ensuring uniformity in size, texture, and quality. This consistency provides a reliable growing medium for plants, promoting even growth and development. The uniformity of the cubes also facilitates rapid root development, ensuring that young plants get the best start possible.

Coco cubes promote rapid rooting and a healthy development of young plants across the whole range of gardening methods. They are suitable for all types of plants, propagated from seed or cuttings. They are a great boon to both traditional soil-based gardeners and to hydroponic growers.

Reduces Transplant Shock
When it’s time to transfer young plants into larger containers or the garden, coco cubes can be easily transplanted without disturbing the roots. This helps minimize transplant shock and allows plants to grow on smoothly without any check.

How To use

To rehydrate the Jiffy PRO7 Coco propagation Cubes, sit them in a tray and add a solution of lukewarm water and plant nutrient (approx. 4 ml - 6 ml per litre of water). One litre of solution should be sufficient to rehydrate 6-8 cubes. Watch the cubes expand, and when they reach full size, they are ready for planting.

Jiffy PRO7 Coco propagation Cubes are very versatile. They are designed to accept young seedlings or rooted cuttings which have been propagated in ROOT!T propagation plugs or other brands will work equally well.

Alternatively, you can either sow seed or place cuttings directly into the hydrated cube. For seeding, we recommend that you cover the seed with a little coco coir or other compost. If using cuttings, we recommend ROOT!T Rooting Gel.

From the outset, feed your plants with high-quality professional plant nutrients.

While your plants are small, we recommend ROOT!T First Feed for the best start, with rapid rooting and early establishment in the Coco Cube.

When your plants show visible roots at the base or sides of the cube, it is time for transplanting into a pot of substrate or compost, into garden soil, or into hydroponic media. Plant the entire cube, no need to remove the netting.

After transplanting the cube, we recommend either PLANT!T Tomato Feed or PLANT!T Chilli and Pepper Feed. Choose from the Coco, Earth, or Hydro varieties depending upon your growing method.

Always be sure to follow the usage instructions carefully for any nutrient product.


100% organic washed and buffered mixed-fibre coco pith. RHP Certified.

Compressed and dehydrated cube, enclosed in a biodegradable PLA netting, made from cornstarch.

Coco Cubes not only provide an excellent rooting environment for young plants, but are also a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

After use, Coco Cubes are totally biodegradable and compostable.

pH: 6.0 ± 1 (1:1.5)
EC: 0.5 mS/cm (1:1.5)
Dimensions when hydrated: 100 mm x 100 mm x 55 mm, hole Ø25 mm
Box qty: 92 Box size: 345 x 230 x 230 mm