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Irrigatia 12 Dripper Irrigation Extension Kit



Precise Watering of Individual Plants With Drip line irrigation

This extension kit delivers water up to 5 meters above the water source! The Irrigatia 12 Dripper irrigation Extension Kit doubles the number of drippers being supplied by your Irrigatia SOL-C12 Solar Watering System or SOL-C24 solar-powered irrigation system. Its great for balconies, greenhouses, borders,pot plants, containers, hanging pots, and even watering your plants safely indoors. Our Irrigatia Drippers are great for controlling the flow when you are away from home.

Why invest in a drip line irrigation system for your garden?

Water Efficiency

Drip irrigation is a highly efficient method that delivers water directly (conrolled flow) to plant roots, minimizing water waste due to evaporation and runoff. This precise approach ensures that plants receive the optimal amount of water they need without any unnecessary excess. By minimizing water waste and providing targeted hydration, drip irrigation promotes resource conservation and enhances plant health.

Cost Savings

Over time, using our dripper irrigation extension kits can lead to significant cost savings on water bills compared to traditional watering methods. The precise delivery of water flow prevents overwatering, which is a common issue with other irrigation systems.

Time Efficiency

When used in conjunction with our Irrigatia Sol C12 or Irrigatia Sol C24, you can automate the watering process with our drippers, saving you time and effort. Once the system is set up, it can be programmed to water your garden at specific intervals, allowing you to focus on other aspects of gardening.

Consistent Moisture Levels

Our dripper extension kits help maintain consistent moisture levels in the soil, which is crucial for plant health. This consistency reduces stress on plants and promotes optimal growth.

Weed Control

Our dripper irrigation extension kits target the root zones of your plants, minimize water flow availability for weeds, and effectively reduce their growth. This is unlike traditional watering methods that promote weed growth by distributing water across your entire garden.

Reduced Disease Risk

It moistens just the soil! When using our dripper extension kits, you are watering directly at the base of your plants,which reduces the likelihood of water splashing onto the leaves. This can help prevent the spread of certain plant diseases that thrive in moist conditions

Adaptability to Various Garden Layouts

Like most drip systems, our dripper extension kits are flexible and can be customized to fit different garden layouts,including raised beds, container gardens, greenhouses, borders, balconies, pots, and traditional plots. This adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of gardening setups and most types of plants.

Environmental Benefits

Our adjustable drippers play a crucial role in conserving water and minimizing runoff, actively contributing to environmental preservation. By aligning with sustainable gardening practices, they offer a more eco-friendly alternative to certain conventional watering methods while maintaining their effectiveness.

Improved Plant Growth

Providing a consistent water flow supply directly to the roots encourages healthy plant growth. Plants are less stressed, produce higher yields, and are generally more robust when irrigated with our drippers

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our drippers are easy to install; simply insert a spike with a drip emitter attached into soil next each plant and connect it to your irrigatia system and water source and you are ready to go Once installed, they require minimal maintenance compared to some other irrigation methods, making them a convenient choice for busy gardeners.

Your Irrigatia Dripper Irrigation Extension Kit Includes

15-meter tubes

12 adjustable drippers

Dripper Spikes

T pieces

When using 24 adjustable drippers, then all the dripper heights should be within 2 meters of each other.

Product Dimensions:

1245 x 25 x 25 (mm)

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Dripper Irrigation Extention kit FAQ

What is a Dripper?

A "dripper" refers to a device used in drip line irrigation systems that releases water in a controlled and regulated manner directly to the root zone of plants. Drippers are designed to provide a slow and precise flow of water, delivering it drop by drop or in a controlled stream.

What is the difference between a dripper and a drip emitter?

The term "dripper" is a general one that encompasses any device capable of releasing water in a controlled manner. A "drip emitter," such as our irrigatia dripper extension kits, is a device specifically created for drip irrigation. It releases water flow drop-by-drop, precisely targeting the root zones of plants. This meticulous method ensures optimal water flow, fostering healthy growth and efficient water usage.

How many drippers can you run on one line?

Our Irrigatia Dripper Extension kits comes with 12 drippers out of the box but you can easily extend this to up to 24 drippers for greater coverage to water up too 24 plants

How long do you leave drippers on?

When using our dripper extension kits along with our Irrigatia Sol C12 or Irrigatia Sol C24 systems, your plants will be watered automatically.

Is the Irrigatia Dripper Extension Kit easy to install?

Yes, the Irrigatia Dripper Extension Kit is ideal for gardening at home, easy to install, and comes with full instructions. There are no complicated piping wires, and the instructions are easy to follow.


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