Water saving ideas for your garden

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Main, Sustainable living

It is getting more and more important to be conscious of how our actions are impacting the environment and we should all be striving to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Saving water in the garden is as crucial as saving water in the home. Water is a valuable asset and reserves can get low when rainfall has been minimal over an extended period of time, even in the UK!

PLANT!T Water Timer

Here are a few tips to help reduce water consumption in the garden:

  • Water in the cooler parts of the day – morning or evening. If you water in the heat of the day a lot of water will be lost to evaporation. Here is a handy video from Gardeners World.
  • Improve the condition of your soil with compost to help retain water better
  • Top dress, mulch or digging in bark help to reduce evaporation loss from soil
  • Use a watering can instead of a hose and water the base of plants
  • Collect rainwater by attaching a water butt to down pipes on the house, garage or shed.
  • Reuse grey water. Water from the baths and washing bowls can be safe to use on plants and the soap suds will not affect them, however, it is not recommended for fruiting trees or vegetables.
  • Try water retaining granules in pots and hanging baskets
  • Be creative with rainwater gardens using runoff directly for plants
  • Look at drought resistant plants such as agapanthus and grasses

How can Skyline Grower help?

Skyline Grower has several products that can help with your water saving efforts.

Self-watering planters have a reservoir at the base of the pot providing a continuous supply of water and nutrients to the plants. This makes gardening easy so you can avoid over-watering or under-watering.

Self-watering planters can help save water usage

Automated irrigation can be achieved from a water butt with the Solar powered irrigatia. This is set to water every 3 hours and is responsive to the amount of sunlight – meaning the duration of watering is longer if the sun has been shining.

Seep hoses are a simple and effective way of watering your plants directly and the roots, reducing waste. They can lay across the ground, be buried just under the surface or be covered with mulch. Pair this with our PLANT!T water timer for more control and worry-free watering.

However you chose to tweak your watering regime, a small saving can make a big difference!