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PLANT!T Hydro Tomato Feed



Best Liquid Feed for Growing Tomatoes

PLANT!T Hydro Tomato Feed is specially formulated for growing tomatoes in recirculating hydroponic systems along with hydroponic growing media such as clay pebbles. PLANT!T Hydro Tomato Feed is a complete balanced liquid fertilizer containing all the essential micro and macronutrients for healthy plants and higher yields. You can also grow cucumbers and aubergines with this nutrient solution.

Our specially formulated tomato food Includes potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and additional nutrients for thriving tomatoes and plants.

For the best results use PLANT!T feeds alongside PLANT!T Reduced Peat Pro Soil to ensure your plants are provided with their complete nutrient requirements.

You will be able to harvest ripe tomatoes in no time at all

NPK 2.3 / 1.1 / 3.2

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Why feed tomato plants our hydro feed?

  • An easy-to-use one-part formulation
  • A balanced nutrient feed for use in all hydroponic systems
  • Contains humic acid and chelated micronutrients for vigorous growth
  • Aids better root growth meaning increased nutrient uptake within the plant
  • Perfect for growing all varieties of tomatoes.

Benefits of Our Liquid Feed for Tomato Plants

  • Promotes strong and healthy growth.
  • Perfect for growing tomatoes in recirculating hydroponic systems and with hydroponic media
  • Encourages Abundant Flowering and Fruiting
  • Develop robust tomato plants.
  • Maintains plant health and aids resistance to pests and disease.
  • Can be used to grow any type of tomato variety as well as cucumbers and aubergines.
  • Balanced NPK (potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus) designed to provide maximum nutrients
  • Contains humic acid and chelated micronutrients for vigorous growth.
  • Perfect for growing all varieties of tomatoes.

Apply our specialised tomato fertiliser from spring right through the growing season. Grow tomatoes in a variety of different ways and produce bumper crops and the tastiest tomatoes at home effortlessly.

Works great with our Self Watering Pots

How to use PlanT!T liquid tomato feed?

Before opening, give the bottle a good shake and then dilute liquid tomato feed as follows: For young plants (rooted cuttings or seedlings) use 4 - 5ml per Liter of water. For mature plants, use 6 - 8ml per Liter of water.

Feed your plants whenever you water them, ensuring consistent nourishment.

You can use our liquid food for tomatoes throughout your plant's lifecycle and one litre of Tomato feed can produce at least 125 litres of nutrient solution – depending on your dosage rate.

The general rule is to always use diluted feed and never pour directly on plants

PLANT!T Liquid Tomato Feed FAQ

Can you overfeed your plants with our tomato liquid feed?

Our liquid tomato fertiliser is not only safe to use on your plants, but if applied at the correct dosage it will provide optimal nourishment without causing harm. It isn’t economical to exceed the recommended dosage, as the plants cannot take up and use more feed than they require.Our specialised liquid feed for tomatoes provides the perfect balance of nutrients.

How Often should you feed your tomato plants?

For plants grown hydroponically, you should include our Tomato liquid fertiliser whenever you water or top up your nutrient tank.

Do I need additional plant food for my tomatoes?

No, PLANT!T Hydro Tomato Feed is a complete nutrient and provides all that your plants require. However, we can suggest a supplement of ‘Fruit Booster’ which will increase yields, particularly useful for Beefsteak tomatoes

 Can you use tomato feed on any other plants?

Absolutely! Our PLANT!T tomato food is not just limited to tomatoes, as the name may suggest. It can be used on a variety of plants such as peppers, eggplants, and other nightshade vegetables. Our customers have reported great success using our tomato feed on flowers, herbs, and even fruits.


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