Summer Irrigation Solutions

Summer is here! Make sure you are prepared for those hot sunny days!

Whether you are tending to your blooms, away on holidays or have an allotment with prize winning veg,  Skyline Grower have the irrigation solution to suit your needs!

Irrigatia offer two SMART solar powered controllers that will detect the weather to adjust watering schedules accordingly and a night-time sensor to stop watering.

Designed to work with water butts – it will detect when water levels are low and consequently issue an alarm.

Easy to set up and install, these irrigation units are perfect for use in allotments where there is no electricity available and veg plots where watering is required at regular intervals. Available for a variety of planting arrangements from 12 – 24 pots.

Want to learn more? Watch the video below!

Irrigatia also offer extension kits made from DuPont Tyvek tubes that resists cracking, clogging and root intrusion to deliver water via microscopic holes directly to your plants.

The microporous hose is suited to longer runs of vegetable or flower beds. Placed across the ground near plant bases the hose can be arranged to your own configuration for drip feeding.

When watering raised beds, flower or vegetable beds, the Seep hose allows you to connect a 1m length onto a dripper and extend water emissions over a larger area. Also, perfect for use on seed beds and raised planters.

Drip irrigation is an eco friendly way of watering your plants by applying water directly to the roots. This dripper system is used to extend the Irrigatia C24 dripper system from a 12 pot system to 24. 

Also available…

The PLANT!T Water Timer can be connected to a water butt or reservoir to provide automated irrigation. Simply choose the settings for irrigation time and duration. Easy to install with no plumbing or electricity, the PLANT!T circular timer is a cost effective way of watering your garden.

The GoGro Style brings colour and nature to a growers’ home or outdoor area. GoGro’s modular self-watering design means your system can be built to fit any space, from living rooms to gardens, patios or even balconies – the possibilities are endless, and now brighter and more stylish!

The Wobble Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler is ideal for lawns and gardens with a watering diameter of up to 8 metres. Having a large droplet size and low trajectory minimises the risk of evaporation losses and wind drift. Water is applied slowly and evenly, preventing puddling and wasteful run off.