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Worm Farm



The Urbalive Worm Farm is a stylish container that is used to compost organic kitchen waste using Californian earthworms. This unique and trendy product can be used at home, in schools or at work to make clever use of your food waste to support our ecosystem. The Urbalive range supports green living in cities, brings us closer to nature, and helps towards the sustainability of natural resources.


Its modern design is made up of composting layers where earthworms help create vermicompost leading to a container where the worm tea collects. Vermicompost contains essential enzymes and natural growth hormones that are great for soil fertility and feeding your garden. Worm tea is rich in natural nutrients and enzymes that help plants grow strong and healthy. Simply mix your tea with water and feed your plants or vegetables.




Where can I use my Worm Farm?

You can compost with worms all year-round. You can place your Worm Farm either indoors or outdoors, however it is important to always ensure that the earthworms have an optimal temperature of approximately 20°C/ 68°F. It is also key that there is plenty of moisture in the substrate. During Winter you should keep your Worm Farm insulated to withstand a sudden drop in temperature or to avoid risk on frost. In the Summer please avoid leaving the Worm Farm in direct sunlight, this is to prevent water evaporation and overheating. The temperature in your Worm Farm should not drop below 5°C or exceed 25°C.


Which worms do I use?

Our composting worms are mixture of species selected for their composting ability. These types of worms are productive at consuming organic leftovers and therefore offer the best solution to creating an organic Worm Tea and Vermicompost. Californian Earthworms are also excellent composters, they can be purchased online or in-store across the UK.

Our 250g Worm starter kit works perfectly with this Urbalive worm farm


What can go into my Worm Farm?

Your Worm Farm is particularly suitable for peelings and leftovers of fruit and vegetables, such as potato peels, apple cores, green tops of vegetables etc. Tea-bags are also great as the worms will often reproduce in them resulting in more Vermicompost! Coffee grounds and paper coffee filters are also suitable as well as cooked vegetables, crushed egg shells, dampened cardboard and dead plants. We strongly advise avoiding spicy foods, citrus fruits (oranges and limes), milk-based products, meat products, bones, oils, lard and other fats.


How do I use the Worm Tea?

Worm tea is an excellent liquid fertilizer for indoor plants and garden plants. It contains high amounts of nutrients and enzymes that promote natural growth and help build the plants’ resistance to pests. We recommend diluting the tea with water at a ratio of 1:5, for example, 10ml of worm tea with 50ml of water.


Box contains: 1 x worm farm planter, 1 x cover, 1 x extra tray insert, 1 x Grille.

Replacement parts: Cover, Tray, Grille

Product dimensions (W x H) – 505 x 605 (mm)

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• Stylish vermicompost worm farm • Ideal for recycling organic kitchen waste • Great for feeding your plants and garden • Create your own Worm Tea • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use • Add your worm starter pack here.....

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