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Worm Farm Starter Pack



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The Worm Farm Starter Pack contains all the essentials you need to begin your Worm Composting. Complete with composting worms, lime mix, worm treat, bedding and a moisture mat; you have everything you need to help look after your worms.


Our composting worms are mixture of species (mainly reds and dendras) selected for their composting ability. Sometimes composting worms are known as tiger worms, brandlings, reds and dendras. All work really well in your wormery, the reason we use a mix is that some worms prefer slightly more acidic conditions, therefore a mix is more beneficial. Each species of worm is a surface litter worm – meaning unlike the usual worms you find in your garden – surface litter worms like to work in the top few inches of the soil which is perfect in your wormery. These worms are fast breeders, they mature in a matter of weeks and can lay an egg every 10 days, so are prolific at eating, composting and breeding.


Worms work best in dark, moist conditions. Our breathable moisture mats help to provide the perfect conditions for your active worms. They encourage the worms to work in the freshest waste, which speeds up composting and reduces strong odours. Our mats are made from 600g/sq.m hemp fibre matting. Coco coir bedding blocks are made from compressed coconut fibres and make a very practical alternative to peat. These blocks are perfect to use as bedding when starting off your worm farm or for mixing with worm casts to make a finished compost. They’re delivered dry and are pleasant to handle, simply add water and within minutes you’ll have a high quality compost base that’s ready to use. Coco coir bedding will hold and maintain moisture better than any other terrarium bedding, and is great for incubation of eggs. It’s highly absorbent, making cleaning easy and the used bedding can be safely composted into your garden.


Worm Treat is a natural accelerator for any worm-assisted composting system, it is a special mixture of all the things that worms love! Simply mix a handful of worm treat into your composter every few weeks to give it a boost. The pellets also soak up any excess moisture in your worm farm and helps to keep your system working at its peak! You should also add a handful of our Lime Mix neutraliser to your wormery every couple of weeks to prevent acid build up. Lime Mix also helps prevent smells, flies and white worms. It also contains grit to aid with worm digestion, and its drying properties make it good for wet or under-performing kits.


Please note: all our worms are now sold by weight. 1kg of composting worms contains approximately 1600 to 2000 worms. We recommend using a pH meter to check the level of acidity in your wormery, good composting conditions are achieved when the contents are close to pH7.

For more information, read our article on how to set up your Urbalive worm farm here….

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• The worm farm starter pack contains everything you need to begin your wormery

• Worms, bedding, moisture mat, worm treat & lime mix

• Includes guide on worm composting

• Includes red & dendra worms

• 250g works brilliantly with the Urbalive Worm Farm

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250g starter kit, 500g starter kit


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