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Skyline Grower
Rattan Balcony Pot



The Skyline Grower Balcony/Railing Pot comes in three contemporary colours; white, grey and black. It is extremely easy-to-use and will fit on any sized railing thanks to its clever adjustable clips. If you lack space to grow, then these stylish pots are perfect for you!


Each rattan pot will hold any type of growing medium allowing you to grow flowers all year round. The Skyline Grower balcony pot also features water drainage holes to allow excess rain water to escape preventing your plants being over-watered.

Check our blog for ideas on what to plant in your Skyline Rattan Balcony pot


Dimensions; 30 cm x 27 cm x 25 cm (L x W x H)

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• The Skyline Rattan Balcony Pot allows you to decorate small spaces with flowers

• Perfect for all balconies, railings & fences

• UV resistant with a rattan finish

• Suitable for any sized balcony or railing thanks to its clever adjustable clips

• Available in white, grey and black

• Easy to install

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Black, Grey, White


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Rattan Balcony Pot”