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Summer Hanging Baskets

As we approach the longest day of the year, your plants will be flourishing. We know that space can be of a premium to a lot of avid gardeners, so why not try the Lechuza Nido Cottage Round Outdoor Self Watering Hanging Planter Pot With Potting Mix self-watering hanging baskets?

Yes – they really do look after themselves! Simply use the PON stone supplied in your box, evenly spread it around the base of the pot, add your soil and plants as normal, water over the top to make sure the growing media is moist, then simply top up the reservoir until the water level indicator is on MAX. All you need to do then is monitor the water level in the reservoir instead of daily watering!

We have picked three beautiful summer flowers that will bring some colour to your house, balcony or terrace.

What to choose?


A full season of amazing colours come from annual lobelia, it cascades over the edge of hanging baskets and patio containers as if it was made for the task! The small flowers appear in such vast numbers on each plant that it can look like a single block of colour from a distance.

Single coloured varieties, such as Lobelia ‘Regatta Midnight Blue’ create a dazzling cascade of violet-blue flowers, each with a tiny gleaming white eye while one of the newer varieties, Lobelia ‘Hot Pretty Heaven’ has been bred to keep flowering all through the summer and produces beautiful bi-coloured blooms of pale blue and white even in the hottest of weather!



A miniature version of the petunia often referred to as ‘Minitunia’, these prolific flowering basket plants are becoming more and more popular every year. The long lasting and free flowering plants are just as vigorous as their larger cousins but are absolutely covered in much smaller, dainty flowers.

Calibrachoa are tolerant to summer showers and will grow brilliantly in both sun and shade, making them ideal for growing in a duller area of the garden that needs cheering up! Varieties such as ‘Mini Rosebud Romantic Peachy’ will delight you with its delicate flowers of peach and pink, each with contrasting veining and as a bonus, they don’t even need dead heading, they literally look after themselves! For a true kaleidoscope of colour, try Minitunia ‘Kabloom Mixed’, which as its name suggests, explodes with colour during the summer months!


A traditional summer bedding plant that is known by all gardeners, old and new, geraniums are drought tolerant, tough plants that grow well in hanging baskets where sometimes watering is ‘overlooked’.

Often seen in their bright red form in varieties such as Geranium ‘Best Red’ F1 Hybrid, these easy to grow plants are now available in a variety of colours and have also been bred to trail well over the side of a hanging basket. Geranium ‘GeRainbow Mixed’ has cascades of colour and larger blooms and look incredible as they fill a hanging basket with bright blooms. The Geranium ‘Rosebud Collection’ will also trail down at least 45cm and are so named because the blooms never fully open and so always seem to look like rosebuds waiting to flower, a wonderful sight indeed!

All these flowers look amazing in our rattan finish self-watering hanging baskets, Lechuza Nido Cottage or our Urbalive Berberis self watering plant pot for fence and balcony  Why not try them for yourself today!?