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LECHUZA Magnets are ideal for Urban Gardening enthusiasts who want to create their own green wall! If space is an issue, then these heavy-duty magnets will help free up table space by attaching your beloved plants to any metal surfaces. They are specifically designed to withhold the weight of the plant, water and substrate to give you peace of mind, and bring modern style into your home. We recommend using the LECHUZA magnets with the LECHUZA Strip and CUBE 14 pots or CUBE triple planter for the best results!


Dimensions: 40mm x 140mm


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  • Designed for attaching to any CUBE 14 planter
  • Ideal for creating your own green wall
  • Practical and space-saving
  • Strong magnet will comfortably hold planter, plant and water
  • Work excellently with the LECHUZA Metal Strip


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