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E27 Grow Light Bulb 4000k Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp For Plants and Terrariums



Led grow light

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Transform your living space with flourishing salads grown from seeds using the E27 Grow Light Bulb and watch your house plants thrive looking greener, fuller and healthier for longer!

If you enjoy gardening but have a busy lifestyle and limited time, the E27 grow lamp is an excellent option for you. It includes a built-in timer with two options: 15 hours on and 9 hours off, or permanent on. This allows you to maintain your indoor plants without worry, while you carry on with your busy schedule.

Tending to indoor plants has never been easier

4000K Full Spectrum light and Suitable for all stages of Plant Growth

Once you start using your E27 LED grow light, you will notice that the colour of your grow light closely resembles natural sunlight during morning or afternoon hours. These small E27 LED grow lamps are very powerful and accurately replicate the natural light of the sun. They are also cost-effective and ideal for all stages of growth for your indoor plants.

Features of E27 Grow Light Bulb

  • Two timer options either 9 or 15 hours cycle
  • Suitable for any room in your home.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Comes in 16W and 25W variants
  • Fits perfectly into E27 Sockets
  • CE compliant

The Skyline Grower E27 grow light will ensure your plants receive the right amount of shine, providing more brightness for your indoor plants while using much less energy.

The E27 works great alongside the Botanium Self-Watering Herb Kits
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Please note – we recommend using the 16w in table lamps and 25w for floor lamps.

How to Use

Simply screw into your E27 fitting.

Skyline Grower 4000k Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp  Technical specification

Beam angle 45 degrees.
The E27 grow lamp is available in two variants 16w or 25w, comes with a 1-year warranty and is CE-compliant.
Designed specifically for E27 fixtures. 50/60Hz 100-240v and you can expect 25,000 light hours. PPFD 195 @ 50cm – 16w. PPFD 185 @ 75cm – 25w.

Product Dimensions (W x D x H):

16w- 120 x 110 x 150 (mm)

25w- 150 x 130 x 175 (mm)

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Ask a question or please contact us, if is your first time using a grow lamp we are happy to help

E27 Plant Grow Light Bulb FAQ

Is 4000K enough for plants?

Studies have proven that 4000K LED lights help plants grow well. These lights have a balanced spectrum, including blue light that helps plants make dense leaves and strong stems.

Can any light bulb be used as a grow light?

We can't use regular LED lights as grow lights because they're not all created equal. The same goes for using incandescent and halogen lights, as they don't offer full spectrum lighting. They can easily damage your plants because they operate at very high temperatures and aren't very energy efficient.

What is the difference between LED bulbs and grow lights?

The main difference lies in their design and purpose as LED grow lights in particular use a broader light spectrum as they are designed to replicate natural sunlight. They emit a wide range of light, including blue, white, green, and red visible light, as well as non-visible spectrums such as infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV).

Are LED grow lights cheaper to run?

Lights like the Skyline Grower  E27 LED grow lamp for plants offer significant cost savings, as they are 50% cheaper to operate than traditional grow lights. Additionally, LED grow lights have a longer life expectancy, reducing the need for costly replacements.

Can plants burn under LED grow lights?

Yes! Inferior LED grow lights or incorrect setups can technically cause burns, bleaching, or other harm. However, with proper setup and high-quality LED grow lights, like the Skyline Grower E27 Grow Light Bulb plants are less likely to suffer from light burns compared to traditional grow lights.





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