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Skyline Grower E27 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb For Plants



Our E27 Full Spectrum Led Grow Light bulb for plants allows you to grow salad crops from seed, as well as keep your houseplants alive for longer. Thanks to its warm 4000 kelvin white light and full spectrum, the E27 Grow Light will suit any room in your home, rather than the purple alternatives available on the market.


Boasting two timer options, 15 hours ON and 9 hours OFF, or permanently ON; this state-of-the-art E27 lamp allows you to carry on with your busy lifestyle without worrying about your plants. Due to its specifically developed LED chips, the E27 Grow Light will leave your houseplants looking greener, fuller and healthier for longer! This product works excellently alongside the Botanium Self-watering Units.


Please note – we recommend using the 16w in table lamps and 25w for floor lamps.

Technical specification: Beam angle 45 degrees. Comes with 1-year warranty and is CE compliant. 16w or 25w variants. Designed specifically for E27 fixtures. 50/60Hz 100-240v. 25,000 light hours. PPFD 195 @ 50cm – 16w. PPFD 185 @ 75cm – 25w.


Product Dimensions (W x D x H):


16w- 120 x 110 x 150 (mm)

25w- 150 x 130 x 175 (mm)

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• This grow light prolongs the lifespan of houseplants
• Built-in timer
• Uses warm white light to create a cosy atmosphere
• Fits any E27 lighting fixture
• Available in 16w or 25w variants

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16W, 25W


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