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Perfect Winter Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket plants are a lovely addition to any household garden, but it can be a mind-boggling experience for gardeners when deciding which flowers are best for winter hanging baskets. We have picked three beautiful winter flowers that looks amazing in hanging baskets and they will bring vibrant colours to your home during the darkest months!

What to choose?


Pansies are extremely popular additions to winter hanging baskets due to their low maintenance, yet maximum effect attributes. They are extremely durable and survive frosts, as well as bringing summer colours to your wintery garden. We recommend they are planted early September to get the roots established and mature for the harsh winter months, however they will usually survive through until March. Pansies only require to be watered once a week during the winter months.


Winter violas look dainty and delicate, but they are tough enough to survive frost and snow and can flower all through winter. Violas come in many colour combinations and patterns and should produce more flowers than the larger-flowered winter pansies.

To get the best from winter violas, plant them in your hanging basket close to the house, so you have them close at hand to enjoy the intricacy of their flowers. Similarly, to pansies, they only require watering once a week during the colder months.

Calluna Vulgaris

Calluna Vulgaris is great for foliage in a hanging basket and will endure all the harsh conditions UK winters throw at them! Belonging to the heather family, these robust plants provide plenty of color to what is usually a glum time of the year.

Calluna Vulgaris comes in many colors and is readily available in most garden centers, especially this time of year; water weekly and prune following the winter to get the best out of them for the following seasons.

All these flowers look amazing in our modern self-watering hanging baskets, Lechuza Nido Cottage. We offer free UK delivery over £25 so why not ‘pot up’ today?