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Indoor Grow Lights – Why Use Them?

Many people do not fully understand the benefits of using artificial lighting for growing plants. The reality is that they help you to grow plants, herbs and even small vegetables, all year round!

At Skyline Grower we offer a wide range of artificial lighting that is designed for growing indoors, and outdoors in glasshouses. Our best-selling light is the Skyline Grower E27 Grow Light which screws directly into any E27 fixture including table lamps, floor lamps and pendants.

The Skyline Grower E27 Grow Light is a specially engineered full spectrum LED light bulb designed for growing plants. It contains the perfect amount of blue and red light which is essential to plant growth – it allows you to grow leafy greens, chillies and more directly from seed through to harvest. Its unique built-in timer gives your plants the correct amount of light, even in the grimmest winter months, without you having to do a thing!

The best thing about our E27 Grow Light is that it is a cosy white light that will make any room feel warm; this differs dramatically to anything else on the market where pink or purple LED chips are often used. Our E27 light bulb also prolongs the life of your houseplants meaning you will have a greener indoor garden for longer! We recommend using the 16w version for table lamps due to its size, and then use the 25w for hanging pendants and floor lamps.

Another popular grow light we stock is the ROOT!T Full Spectrum LED Light, this unique panel light is designed for situating on top of propagators – using the rubber feet provided, or hanging in your kitchen for maintaining supermarket herbs – using the brackets supplied in your kit. The ROOT!T Full Spectrum LED light is ideal for propagating your seeds earlier in the season making sure they have the best possible start to their greenhouse or garden life!

Our final light offering is our EnviroGro T5 fixtures that are designed for avid greenhouse growers. These lights are extremely effective throughout propagation and the early stages of growth. Their low running wattage means they are a must for any keen allotment, greenhouse or hobby grower looking to grow greener, bigger plants.

At Skyline Grower we have combined modern day technology with contemporary design to give our customers all the tools they need to grow their favourite plants all year round. Join our community today!