Growing plants indoors this winter

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Grow Your Own, Indoor Plants, Main

Growing plants indoors can be extremely challenging at this time of year, but Skyline Grower aim to take the difficulty away and keep your plants healthy and happy all year long.  

There are many factors which can affect your plants such as central heating, dry air and low levels of light, to name just a few. Because of this, many plants can enter a state of dormancy which can cause plants to demand less water and nutrient and can slow down growth. On the other hand, when the heating is on full demand from the plant can peak, this can cause the top layer of soil to dry out. This can be easily mistaken for the plant needing more water when in fact the lower layers have plenty; this can often lead to over-watering.

Skyline Grower’s self-watering pots put the plant in control. In a self-watering pot, your plants will only take up the water that they need, when they need it. The nutrient reservoir will only need refilling when the water level indicator is low. Our self-watering pots make growing plants indoors easy!

Here are our handy tips for keeping your plants happy this winter!

  • Place plants in a south/west facing window to optimise the amount of natural light they receive
  • Try to avoid putting plants on windowsills as there will be temperature drops at night and possible draughts
  • Avoid putting plants near radiators as these will create hot spots
  • Try to maintain temperatures between 18 – 24°C
  • The use of humidifiers can replace moisture in the air
  • Supplemental lighting can increase day length, which may help flowers to bloom even during shorter days
  • Carefully clean leaves as dust can settle, this will keep photosynthesis at its optimum
  • Clean windows regularly to let in more light
  • Try growing winter plants such as a Christmas Cactus or Poinsettia
  • Check out our range of self-watering pots!