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Clever Drop Sprinkler



The Wobble Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler is ideal for lawns and gardens with a watering diameter of up to 8 metres. Having a large droplet size and low trajectory minimises the risk of evaporation losses and wind drift. Water is applied slowly and evenly, preventing puddling and wasteful run off.


You can run multiple units from one tap and it operates from a low pressure of 35 kPa. The Wobble Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler is ideal for a rain tank or water butt, however it works brilliantly with the PLANT!T water timer which will allow you to set which time your water is distributed and for how long directly from your outdoor tap.


The removable end cap allows for an additional hose connector to be added to the base, enabling the operation of multiple sprinklers from just one tap. Four discs of varying sizes are provided (1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm and 2.0mm) for use in areas of high water pressure to control smaller watering diameters and ensure a consistently even distribution of water. They can be easily inserted under the removable Sprinkler top. Diameters may vary with different water pressures.


The Wobble Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler has an adjustable angle base which can be adjusted for use on uneven surfaces, such as tiered gardens. This sprinkler has a purpose-shaped base for roof cooling on sheds and bird aviaries, for a temporary application just run the hose over the roof peak and the sprinkler sits vertically on the corrugated iron.


Product Dimensions:


185 x 107 x 190 (mm)

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• The wobble-tee clever drop sprinkler is ideal for small lawn areas and gardens with a watering diameter of up to 8 metres
• Consistent droplet size minimises the misting and evaporation loss
• Low angle of trajectory reduces wind drift
• Slow application rate prevents puddling and waste run off
• Operates on low and high pressure - 5 to 50kPa


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