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Bird accessories for your garden – Birdbaths

It is important to provide fresh water, as well as food in your garden for birds all year round. Bird baths are a vital source of drinking water as well as a place to bathe. Birds need to wash and preen in order to maintain the health of their feathers.

There is a lack of freshwater sources available in urban areas and cities, especially when there is extreme weather. Birds need fresh water in the winter as well as the summer – melting icicles and snow still provide water for the birds!

But where to put your bird bath?

Locate a shady, quiet place, birds are also attracted to running water so place it near a water feature, the running water will help to keep water fresh and clean

Top tip!

Add copper pennies to the bottom of the bird bath as copper is a natural algaecide (GB pennies pre 1992 have a higher copper content) Also scrubbing using a 1:9 white vinegar and water solution is a natural way to give your bird bath a clean.

The bird bath has a shallow base that replicates natural puddles and is not too deep for small birds. It has a matt finish that prevents it from becoming too slippy. The bath can be mounted to branches, poles and fences which makes it ideal for use on balconies or small terraces.  Decorate it with pebbles so that birds don’t get too wet when drinking.

Bird Feeders

It may take birds a few weeks to get used to a new feeder, so be patient.

Place the bird feeders at a variety of heights and in a quiet place. Ensure you have good accessibility for you and the birds, bearing in mind you may want to sit and watch them feed.

Be mindful of where cats or predators usually roam. Positioning feeders near trees or shrubs can allow the birds to check out the area before approaching. They can look for other birds or potential threats, making sure that they feel safe before going near. It also allows for protection if they get spooked.

The Urbalive Finch bird feeder has a large 1.3L capacity and comes in 3 colour options. The wide tray allows for small bird to easily perch and feed.



Our NEW Urbalive 3 in 1 has everything you need! This innovative garden accessory can function as a water feeder in the peak of summer but converted to a seed feeder for the winter. Whatever you need at that time! It can also be hung or mounted to poles and branches.

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