Skyline Grower’s Christmas Gift Guide

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Finding the ideal Christmas gift is one of the best parts about the festive period; there is nothing quite like seeing the smile on someone’s face when they open the perfect gift.

If you know someone who loves plants, gardening, cooking or gadgets then this is the gift guide for you! Whether you have a good idea of what to buy or you haven’t the foggiest, then our gift guide will point you in the right direction.

All the products in this Christmas Gift Guide will be featured in our 12 Days of Christmas promotion, so keep your eyes out for that!

Lechuza Cube Colour Table Planters – RRP: £9.50 – £12.00

These stylish table planters are the perfect present for the chef of the family; ideal for growing or maintaining your own herbs. These self-watering pots feature a visual water level indicator, helping to make sure that your plant is never over or under watered – it only drinks what it needs!

Perfect for indoor plants, foliage and herbs, these planters make a perfect addition to any household with their sleek rattan design and practicality.

E27 LED Grow Light – RRP: £20.00 – £23.00

These grow lights are great for growing at home! They have a full spectrum specifically designed for plant growth, they fit into any E27 lighting fixture and have a built-in timer (15hrs ON/9hrs OFF). They use a warm light that creates a cosy atmosphere and blend into any room in your home.

These innovative bulbs are an ideal gift for plant lovers as they are sure to prolong the lifespan of your house plants, herbs and vegetables as well as providing them with much required light during the dark winter months.

ROOT!T Value Propagation Bundle – RRP: £47.00

The Value Propagation Bundle is the perfect way to grow your own plants from seeds or even small cuttings.

The bundle comes with a propagator, an LED grow light, rooting gel and first feed – everything you need to get started, just add your seeds!

Urbalive Self-Watering Planters – RRP: £65.00 – £75.00

These self-watering planters, designed by leading Czech designer Jiří Pelcl, are ideal for houseplants, flowers, herbs and small vegetables. They make a great centrepiece for the room and are also ideal for terraces, balconies and patios!

The planters boast a contemporary style and come in both a low (measuring 48cm tall) and a tall style (measuring 78cm tall). They are also available in two different colours – light grey and light green (pictured above).

Botanium – RRP: £60.00

Botanium is a re-circulating hydroponic system with a built-in water timer, or in other words, a very clever self-watering planter. Botanium comes with everything you need to start growing at home including growing media, nutrients, USB cable and wall plug.

Botanium is perfect for growing your own chillies, tomatoes and herbs at home with ease. The nutrients help to boost the growth of your plant whilst the self-watering system keeps your plant fed for up to a month without having to refill the tank! Just add seeds of your choice and you’re ready to go.

If you want to know more about growing in the Botanium you can read our Chilli Growing Guide here.

These gifts are a taster of what we will feature in our Christmas promotion during December, so keep an eye out on our social media platforms and website, for some amazing savings! Our 12 Days of Christmas offer will run from the 3rd – 16th of December with a new deal for each day.

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