Bokashi Composting

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Composting, Main, Sustainable living

Take a look at our new Bokashi composting bin!

Unlike traditional composting processes, the Bokashi bin uses natural bacteria to semi-break down kitchen waste and kick start the process. This modern, stylish bin is suitable to sit on any kitchen or utility worktop, so that it is at hand to fill up.

The idea of Bokashi composting is a relatively new concept to most people, but this method has been used by the Japanese for 40 years. It is good gardening practice to compost and utilise your resources and return goodness back to nature. The Bokashi bin can give you a head start on producing quality compost!

What is BOKASHI composting?

The term refers to the transformation of organic waste using the principle of fermentation, that is carried out by adding a dry mixture of special Bokashi bacteria to the organic waste. The bran acts as a host and energy source for the bacteria.

Unlike classical composting, the fermentation process takes place without air and relies on living organisms that activate upon contact with it (anaerobic decomposition).

The output is not soil, as in standard composting, but rather a pickled form of waste, that is a type of pre-compost. This can then be added to your garden or compost pile to continue the composting process and release the goodness into the soil.

How does it work?

It’s easy – just layer your kitchen waste in the bottom of the bin and sprinkle a handful of bran on top. Repeat this, until your bin is full. Leave for at least 2 weeks, regularly draining off any liquid that collects in the base and avoiding opening the container.

When your organic waste has fermented, there are 2 things you can do. Some people add it to an existing compost pile/bin but do this with extreme caution. The fermented waste can be very acidic and the worms living there are extremely sensitive to their environment.

Alternatively, find a separate area away from plant roots, dig in the waste and leave for another 2-4 weeks to mature. This will create the perfect soil conditioner for your garden.

What are the benefits?

You can compost a lot more types of waste –  meat and dairy products which most avoid in traditional composting.

Helps to speed up the process by kick starting the decomposition of organic material


  • Chopped waste will help speed up the decomposing process
  • Drain the nutrient tea regularly to help with the process and avoid odours
  • Dilute the nutrient tea to water plants or use neat to treat drains!

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